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    How to Sell on Myntra?

    Every big seller with a good brand image would be like to sell on Myntra, but If you are a beginner or a person don’t have any brand, then this E-Commerce marketplace is not for you as Myntra register only businesses.


    Myntra is an aggregator of many domestic and international brands. It has a broad section of digital buyers. Myntra follows a Bollywood fashion psychology to attract youth digital buyers. Like other E-Commerce marketplaces, it also has only 4 steps, but it registers only brands and its seller registration process is too tough. Myntra holds 40% extra stock from its seller clients and it has tie-ups with Courier companies include EKart, ECom Express, Blue Dart, Delivery and it has its own Myntra Logistics too.

    Steps to Become Seller on Myntra

    Myntra follows Inventory Led Model. It means doesn’t matter what kind of apparel or Garments you are selling, it will deal with you. Myntra takes around 45%-50% of profit margin & it is one of the toughest online marketplaces in India.

    Myntra doesn’t have any direct method for seller registration. You can see “Register Now” option in Seller Registration portal on Myntra but after clicking on that you would not get any Google Form. You can do only a single thing that is registered yourself as a buyer and call customer care for your business registration. In the meanwhile, Myntra will decide the rate of %age for a commission. It will be around 45%-50%. Your product listing will be after Quality Checking of products. Myntra’s Quality Checking process is too tough as compared to other online marketplaces. If there is a single dent in your product Myntra will reject your product. Selling on Myntra is not easy but it worths.

    Reasons to be on Myntra.com

    It has 1.3 Million customer base on Smartphone App and 8% growth in its traffic, which indicate growing sales trend on its platform. It has awesome support for managing accounts return and other issues with seller clients. It has multi-channel promotion campaigns. In a recent report of CISION PR Newswire, Myntra Records 56% growth in an end season sale.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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