• How to Sell Products on Rediff Shopping in 2019(Guide to Sell on Oldest Indian E-commerce Marketplace)

  • how to sell products on rediff shopping in 2019

    How to Sell Products on Rediff Shopping in 2019(Guide to Sell on Oldest Indian E-commerce Marketplace)

    How to Sell on Rediff Shopping? What are the benefits to be a Rediff Seller? What is the Process to become a Rediff Seller? Why is Rediff Shopping good for your sell?

    E-commerce is flourishing in India which has changed the online shopping experience for Indian consumers.  Ingenious models like Cash on delivery and One-day delivery allowed by low prices have driven more customer to purchase online products in a hassle-free environment.

    Whether you are a manufacturer, vendor or supplier, simply sell on Rediff and grow your business with minimum investment.

    Rediff Shopping is India’s first leading and the oldest marketplace platform for selling online. At Rediff Shopping, it is strongly focused on educating, instructing and empowering sellers to sell all over India as well as abroad.

    Rediff.com is an Indian news, email, entertainment, and shopping web portal, founded in 1996. It is headquartered in Mumbai, with offices in Bangalore, New Delhi, and New York City.

    According to the latest data, Rediff.com is the No. 25 Indian web portal and ranked 471 globally. It has approximate 300 employees. Most of the visitors and shoppers to Rediff.com are from India, while the rest come from the US and China.

    Why you should choose Rediff Shopping destination to grow your sales:

    1. > 17 Million Monthly Unique Visitors

    2. > Quick Listing process

    3. > Products delivered all over India

    4. > Multiple payment options are available

    Products that you can Sell on Rediff Shopping:

    1. > Clothes

    2. > Electronics & Mobiles

    3. > Personal & Health Care

    4. > Toys

    5. > Personal Care

    6. > Computer Peripherals & Accessories

    7. > Home & Kitchen items

    8. > Arts & Handicraft products

    Products that you can not Sell on Rediff Shopping:

    1. > Medicines or Prescribed Drugs

    2. > Liquor or Alcoholic products

    3. > Cigarettes and Smoking Tobacco products

    4. > Food products with Beef contents

    5. > Used or Old products

    6. > Products that are illegal according to law

    Don’t worry, Sell on Rediff Shopping is quick and easy. I am here to guide you step by step process to register and sell on Rediff.

    Step by Step Process for listing your product on Rediff.com:

    1. 1. Create Your Seller Account on Rediff

    2. 2. Legal Documents for Seller Register

    3. 3. List your products on the Rediff’s web

    4. 4. Your product will live to customers

    5. 5. Customers place Orders

    6. 6. Deliver Products to Customers

    7. 7. Finally, Receive Payment from Rediff

    Step 1: Create Your Seller Account on  Rediff Shopping:

    Click here to go Seller Registration Page on Rediff Shopping.

    Afterwards, go to the Seller registration page, which asks you to enter details. Provide your User Name, E-mail ID and set up your Password here.

    If you don’t have your own website, you can also become a seller on Rediff Shopping. You can put up your range of products on Rediff Shopping and start selling online.

    Step 2: Legal Documents for Register:

    Besides these, you need to have the following documents in order to sell on Rediff Shopping:

    1. > Bank Account

    2. > Identity Proof

    3. > PAN Card

    4. > GSTIN Number

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    Step 3: List your Products on the Rediff Shopping Marketplace:

    Upload Images of the products:
    Accurate, clear and high-quality product images play a very important role in your product listing. On the Images tab, upload some good images of your product but those should follow the guidelines given by Rediff Shopping.

    Product Details:

    1. > Title

    2. > Vendor SKU

    3. > Inventory

    4. > Weight

    5. > Brand

    6. > Category

    7. > Description & Specifications

    8. > Warranty

    9. > In the Box

    Product Variation:
    There is a box which has to click if you want to add a product attributes like Color, Size, Gender, etc. for that product.

    In this section, you have to provide options for Market type, Logistics, and Payment types. Rediff Shopping offers you to give the widest range of payment options to the users.

    For India-based Users :

    1. > Credit Cards including Visa and Master Card

    2. > American Express and Diners Card

    3. > Cash-On-Delivery (COD).Please note that Cash-on-Delivery payment option is not available for jewellery and perishable items.

    For International Users:

    1. > Credit Cards including Visa and Master Card

    2. > American Express and Diners Card

    3. > Credit Card Fax

    Price Details:
    Give the following details to the buyers so that customer would be clear about purchasing the item.

    1. > List Price

    2. > Web Price

    3. > Rediff Margin

    4. > Service Tax

    5. > Shopping Charges

    6. > Total Payable Amount

    Step 4: Your Product will live to Customers

    Your listed products will target your buyers searching for similar or related items on Rediff. They can see your listed products.

    Step 5: Customer places Orders:

    When buyers click on your product, which you are selling, then receive the order in seller dashboard. You can control the branding, availability of products and purchase experience. Buyers who purchase from your store directly become a part of your consumer base. Genuine and positive reviews about your products allow you to reach engaged buyers on Rediff will attract new buyers and hence increase your sales.

    Best Practices to boost the Sell On  Rediff Shopping:

    1. > Update Price and Availability

    2. > Check for offer suspension

    3. > Providing high-quality catalogue data

    4. > Building good Seller Ratings

    Step 6: Deliver Product to Customers:

    Ship the product to the customer and update the shipment details in the seller dashboard. Orders from Rediff Shopping are delivered quickly anywhere in the world, by courier through Rediff’s logistics partners. It will take:

    1. 3 – 4 working days within India

    2. 7 – 10 working days in the case of International Shipment

    However, different products may have different delivery lead-times depending on the vendors or the place of shipment.

    Step 7: Receive Payment from  Rediff Shopping:

    Rediff Shopping will credit the payments directly into your bank account. As a Rediff Seller, you can select this method to withdraw funds from Rediff Shopping.

    1. > Log in to your Rediff Seller Account

    2. > Click on Withdraw Funds

    3. > Select a Bank Account

    4. > Enter the amount to transfer to your bank account

    5. > Click continue, to proceed

    I have explained all the necessary steps to selling your product on Rediff.com. Now, I am sure that to sell on Rediff will not be a big deal for you and it’s very easy to become a Rediff Seller. 

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