• How to Sell Products on eBay.in for Beginners in 2018

  • How to Sell Products on eBay.in for Beginners

    How to Sell Products on eBay.in for Beginners in 2018

    eBay has founded 22 years ago as AuctionWeb by Pierre Omidyar. Now, it is operating its business in more than 30 Countries including India. Today eBay has multi-billion dollar business as USD 8.97 Billion was the revenue in 2016. Sell on eBay.in is a big factor as this platform can bring a business to a global level easily. You should aware of the big question about how to sell on eBay .in?

    Why Sell on eBay .in?

    1. > It is high traffic channel

    2. > You can sell or buy any products her by bidding on it

    3. > You will get always high price of a product in comparison to others

    4. > eBay never let you without help like other marketplaces. Other marketplaces are focusing on products, not on sellers, but this totally different from others.

    You can register yourself in two ways first one as an individual seller and the second one is as a Business. In each registration process, the documents requirements are different.

    Documentation for an Online Individual Seller

    1. > PAN Card

    2. > GSTIN (Not compulsory for sales less than 20 Lakh per month)

    3. > ID Proof (Voter ID Card/Driving License/Passport)

    4. > Trademark Registration Certificate/Trademark Application

    5. > Cancel Cheque

    Documentation for Business Organization

    1. > GSTIN

    2. > TAN

    3. > Trademark Registration Certificate or Application

    4. > Current Bank Account

    5. > Cancel Cheque

    Its all about the documentation process for Seller registration on eBay.in. Now, read about how to sell on eBay .in?

    1. Steps to Register as an Individual Online Seller

    1. Click here to go Seller Registration Portal

    2. > Fill your name, email and set up a password, then go to your seller dashboard

    3. > Provide your contact information to the Seller dashboard Portal

    4. > After that, go Sell option at your dashboard and tell them what you are selling that means “Product Listing.”

    To have a smooth payment gateway you are required to register with “PayPal” & “International Selling Agreement” with eBay and finally link your PayPal with eBay Seller account.

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    2. Steps to Register as a Business Organization

    1. Click here to go Seller Registration Portal

    2. > Register yourself as an individual then convert your account individual to Business

    3. > After registering go to My eBay, in “My Account” go to “Personal Information”

    4. > Go to change account type page and select “Business” option then continue

    5. > Enter your business name and hit on “Change to Business Account”

    Types of Business available on eBay

    1. > Sell items that you have bought to Resell

    2. > Sell items that you have produced yourself to sell

    3. > Sell a large number of goods on a regular basis

    4. > Sell new items that you have not acquired for your personal use

    5. > Sell items as a trading assistant

    6. > Buy items for your business

    You can change your business account to an individual account as well. Just follow these steps:

    1. Go to “My eBay”

    2. In “My Account”, click on “Business Information”

    3. After next type click on “Edit” link

    4. On the Change Account Type page, hit on Change to Individual Account button

    Its all about the How to “Sell on eBay.in”. After following these steps you will be a seller on it. Later, we will provide you details about its processing and payment policies.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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