• How to Sell Products on Etsy in 2019 (Complete Updated Guide For Beginners)

  • How to sell products on Etsy in 2019

    How to Sell Products on Etsy in 2019 (Complete Updated Guide For Beginners)

    June 2005, it was a golden day, in Brooklyn, New York when Etsy was founded. That time, this online place was a heaven for Crafters, Artists, and Makers who could sell their Handmade, Vintage (Designated) goods and Craft supplies.

    In 2008, the company got its first CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Chad Dickerson and created the company’s foundational engineering culture, considering “Code as Craft”.

    In 2011, Chad became CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and promoting the “Re-imagination of Commerce” to educate how goods are made, brought to selling platform and sold. 

    Etsy is a marketplace for Artists selling Handmade and Vintage products. Like Amazon and Flipkart, it is one of the most significant brands in e-commerce with a dedicated base of both buyers and sellers. Etsy offers a simple and easy process to become an Etsy seller.

    Benefits of being an Etsy Seller:

    Etsy provides a complete platform for selling Handcraft and Vintage items, plenty of Order Management Tools, and attracts a huge number of  Buyers:

    1. > Can start for Free.

    2. > You may start with Maximum Convenience.

    3. > You can get a few initial sales before fully investing in Product & Inventory.

    4. > A Platform with a huge number of Built-in Visitors.

    The following processes are for Sell on Etsy:

    1. 1. Sign Up an Account

    2. 2. Set up your billing preferences

    3. 3. Listing Your Products on Etsy

    4. 4. Complete your Inventory and Pricing List

    5. 5. Set Your Shipping Price Rate

    6. 6. You Deliver Products to the Customers

    7. 7. Payment from Etsy

    Don’t worry, I am telling you the step-by-step process to sell on Etsy:

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    Step 1: Sign Up an Account:

    First, you have to create an account. For this, you can Click Here and go to the seller on Etsy link at the top right of the site and then click to Register box. After that, you will get a Registration page like this.

    Then fill all the mandatory fields one-by-one:

              Sign Up for Etsy account

                                                                                          Sign Up for Etsy Account

    Set Shop Preferences:

             > The language used in the shop

             > A country, where the shop is located

             > The currency used in the shop

    Choose Your Shop Name:

    Choose an impressive name for your shop that matches to your business. Must ensure that the name meets the following requirements:

    1. > The name must be 4-20 characters in length

    2. > No Spaces or Special Characters is allowed

    3. > No Name already used by existing Etsy member is allowed

    4. > Does not violate another’s Trademark

    Step 2: Set up your billing Preferences:

    You may need to enter a credit card to open your shop, depending on which country you are from.. The any of the following cards you should have:

    1. > American Express

    2. > Carte Bleue (France)

    3. > Discover

    4. > Master Card

    5. > Visa Card

    Etsy asks sellers in certain countries to keep a credit card as a means of Identity Verification. You may pay an authorization charge to verify the card you entered. As soon as the card has been verified, the charge will be deducted from your statement.

    Step 3: Listing Your Products on Etsy:

    To begin Listing your products, sign in to your Etsy account and go to Your Shop > Add Listings and click Add a listing.

    • Add Photos of your product: Your listing starts with adding photos of your products. Click theAdd a Photo icon to add files from your drive. You can add multiples photos at a time.

    • Wide: 1000 pixels, Height: can vary

    • Thumbnail: Your first image becomes Thumbnail for product searches. Thumbnail photo is the photo that will be seen by buyers in your shop. To adjust this image, click Adjust Thumbnail of a primary photo. You can magnify the photo and can change its position within a square.

    • No of images: Use at least five images of your product to help buyers to feel better.

    Complete your Listing details:

    Title: Add the most searchable words in the title of the product. The limitations of Title are as follows:

    1. > Length must not be exceeded by 140 characters.

    2. > Special characters which are allowed: %, &

    3. > Special characters which are not allowed: $, ^

    4. > More than three Capital letters are not allowed.

    Category: This ensures that which type of products you want to sell. These categories included as follows:

    1. > Accessories & Apparels

    2. > Arts & Collectibles

    3. > Bags & Purses

    4. > Bath & Beauty

    5. > Books, Films, and Music

    6. > Craft supplies and Tools

    7. > Electronics & Accessories

    8. > Home & Living

    9. > Jewellery

    10. > Paper & Party Supplies

    11. > Shoes & Slippers

    12. > Toys & Games

    13. > Weddings

    Description: Make sure to include Shape & Size, Materials used, Colour, Dimensions of the products.

    What can you sell on Etsy?

    Everything listed for sale on Etsy must be Handmade, Vintage or Craft supply. Handmade items are those which are made or designed by the seller itself. Vintage item must be at least 20 years old.

    What you can’t sell on Etsy?

    The following types of items are prohibited which you cannot sell on Etsy.

    1. > Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs

    2. > Animal Products

    3. > Hazardous materials or Weapons

    4. > Items that promote Hatred

    5. > Products promoting Illegal Activity

    6. > Items that regulating Internationally

    7. > Pornography or Mature Content

    8. > Products that support or promote Violence

    Step 4: Complete your Inventory and Pricing List:

    Adding Shipping Upgrades as an Etsy Seller:
    There are two types of upgrades or as a seller, you can choose both:

    1. Domestic Upgrades

    2. International Upgrades
      The price of Upgrades is completely up to you can be as less as $0.

    Step 5: Set Your Shipping Price Rate:

    • Shipping Profile: You have to create a Shipping Profile. This can be found at entering Custom Shipping Options. You can create your this profile later.

    • Shipping Costs: Here you can add your shipping costs.

    • Shipping Origin: Select the country from where you are shipping the products.

    • Processing Time: The processing time is the length of time between when your item is ordered and when it will be shipped.

    • Fixed Shipping Costs: If you are setting costs manually, then you have to enter the cost to ship the item alone (primary shipping cost) and the add-on amount to ship it with another item (secondary shipping cost).

    • Item weight and size: If you are a seller based in the United States, save time and money by using Calculated Shipping profiles to generate accurate shipping costs by location.

    If you are a seller in the United States and would like to use Calculated Shipping for your listing, enter the item’s weight and size.

    To set Calculated Shipping on the Listing Page:

    1.) Visit Shop Manager>Listings>Add a listing

    2.) Scroll down to the Shipping section and make sure your Shipping Costs are set to Calculate them for me.

    3.) Enter the Origin Zip Code from which you will ship your package. (Shipping Rates are calculated based on your location).

    4.) Confirm where you would like to ship.

    5.) Confirm which USPS Shipping Methods you would like to offer.

    6.) Set an optional Handling fee. Probably Total Shipping cost includes Handling fees and is applied to each item in an order.

    Step 6: You Deliver Products to the Customers:

    • Etsy offers a kind of services to make it easier for sellers to get their different items into the hands of buyers quickly and securely. 

    • You are (Etsy Seller) responsible for shipping your sold items to buyers. Hence, If you are using a Shipping or Fulfillment Service, please keep in mind that you are completely responsible for making sure that your buyers receive the item(s) they purchased from your shop.

    • Etsy notifies you by email when an order has been placed for your product. You simply pack and ship your item to the buyer. 

    • Step 7: Payment from Etsy:

    • Choose the payment methods that you want to offer in your shop. The following methods are available:

    • Etsy Payments: This is the primary way to get Payment on Etsy.

    • PayPal: If you are in a country where Etsy Payments are not available, you can use your own PayPal Account to accept payments.

    • Check or Money Order: If you use a payment method that needs to be mailed to you, select payment by Mail on the Accepted Payments page and select Money Order or Check. The address you enter will only be shared with a buyer who purchases from you and chooses this method.

    • Tips for boosting your sell on Etsy:

    Use the following as a resource for tips on how to increase your product’s visibility and attract buyers on Etsy.

    • Build Buyer’s Trust

    • Add More Listings

    • Social Media Marketing

    • Fill out Your Policies

    • Share Your Story

    • Study Your Stats and Improve Your SEO

    I have illustrated all the required steps to sell your product on Etsy so that you can become an Etsy Seller easily. Now, I am sure that to sell on Etsy will not be a big problem for you and it’s very easy to become an Etsy Seller.

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