• How to Sell Products on Facebook in 2018 (A Complete Guide)

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    How to Sell Products on Facebook in 2018 (A Complete Guide)

    This post is about How to Sell Products on Facebook or Sell on Facebook as your selling destination in 2018. As you know eCommerce is booming industry. Digital sellers and Buyers are increasing day by day. Hence, still you are selling your products offline, as a result, you are losing your sale. Since a lot of online platforms are available in the eCommerce to help you. Dropship is the best place to enlarge your business. Sell on Facebook is another platform for your online marketplace. 

    Nowadays, everyone has a Facebook ID and think it is a social messaging service. But Facebook does many more besides it. Do you know, here you can sell your product also? Surprise! Yes, Facebook offers an online selling and buying facilities for your business. Facebook doesn’t cost it. It is absolutely Free service. Hence it is definitely beneficial for you, isn’t?  But the problem is that you may not be known the process of how to sell on Facebook. Don’t worry, be with me, here I am providing you with a complete guide on How to sell your Products on Facebook without purchasing Inventory in easy steps.

    So, Here are all the easy steps required to How to sell on Facebook:

    1. Sign up a Facebook Account

    2. Create a Facebook Page

    3. Set up Your Shop Section

    4. Select Check out Method

    5. Setting up Your Shop

    6. Add Products to Your Shop

    7. Share and Promote Your Page

    8. Advertise on Facebook

    So let’s start all the steps one by one. Here we go.

    Step 1: Sign up a Facebook Account:

    First of all, You need a Facebook Account to start your business on a large platform.

                                     Sign up a Facebook Account

                                                                                               Source: Facebook

    Here are the Steps to create a Facebook Account:

    > Open facebook.com in your browser and tap Sign Up for Facebook

    > You will find Create New Account (in Laptop view)

    > Tap Get a Started box (in Mobile App)

    > Then Enter Your Name or Business Name

    > Enter your Mobile Number, or you can use your Email Address

    > You must set a strong password and provide your gender

    > To finish creating your Account, you need to confirm your email ID or Mobile Number

    Hence you have completed your first step to sell on Facebook.

    Step 2: Create a Facebook Page:

    Only creating a Facebook Account is not enough. For Sell on Facebook, you must set up Your Facebook Business Page. You cannot create a Facebook Shop on your Personal Facebook Account. Rather this Facebook Shop feature is only available on Facebook Page. Facebook Business Page offers a lot of Business & marketing advantages over Personal Account almost.

    So here is Personal Account vs. Business Account:

    > Personal Profiles are for Social Networking while Facebook pages are for Business

    > Facebook Business Page consists of different categories, i.e. Local Business, Brand or Products, Organization or Institution etc.

    > A Facebook business Page gives the customers to find a product, to follow your shop, likes to your products, your blogs etc.

    In addition, it offers a huge variety of Advertising Tools to promote your shop automatically.

    How to set up your Facebook Business Page?

    > Log in to your Personal Account on Facebook

    > Click the Triangle box in the Header. You will get it on the Right side of Quick Help menu.

    > There will open a Drop Down Box, containing Create Page, Create Group, New Groups etc. and Log Out option at the bottom.

                                                                          Facebook Business Page

    • Hit the Create Page option. The new window will open as below.

    •                       Facebook Business Page Option

                                                                                                   Source: Facebook

    • Now choose a page type according to your business needs.

    • Fill the details of your business deals.

    • Then Upload a Profile Picture for your page.

    •                                         Facebook Business Profile picture

    • In the next step, you can add a Cover Photo. A Facebook Page with a cover photo gives your page more likes and visits.

                           Facebook Business Page cover photo

    Well done. Your Facebook Business Page has been set up. Hence now proceed to the next step for product listing.

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    Step 3: Set up Your Shop Section:

     You will find this in the Home, on the left side of the page.

                                                                                      Facebook Business Page set up

    You have to click on the Shop option. In this section, you will be asked about your shop, products, delivery, return policy etc.  

                         Facebook Business Page set up

    You have to agree the Merchants Terms and Policies box proceed.

    A new pop up will appear. It will be Select Check out Method.

    Step 4: Select Checkout Method:

    Here you have to choose, by which method a customer can buy products from your shop. There are two methods through which a customer can purchase the product.

               Facebook Business Page checkout

                                                                                                        Source: Facebook

    These methods are:

    Message to Buy: Let the customers send you messages directly to your inbox. They can ask questions about products and let you arrange the purchases.

    Check Out on another website: Here you can give the option to the customers to go to your own or another website for their purchases.

    Step 5: Setting up Your Shop:

               Facebook Business Page setting

    In this section, you have to tell which Currency do you use. This will be shown when you will add prices to your items in your shop. You can select any Currency what you want. Then save this information.

    Another, you will be asked to describe your shop. You must describe your shop in brief and about the company you own. Finally hit the Save Changes box and you have completed half work of your task How to sell your Products on Facebook almost.

    Now the task starts to Add Products to your shop. This is the very important part of where your sales increase.

    Step 6: Add Products to Your Shop:

    Here you are enabled to add your products to your shop. So that people can browse and make a purchase of your product.

                    Add product for Facebook Business Page

    For this, you have to upload some goods images of the product. You can upload a video of the product also.

    The following description should mention in the box.

    > Name of the product

    > Price

    > Sale Price (Discount in price)

    > Give a short description of the product

    > Don’t forget to share your product visibility in Facebook page

    1.                           Add product for Facebook Business Page

                                                                                   Source: Facebook product Add

    > Different Sizes and their respective Prices

    > Colours of your products, enable by tapping in stock option

    > Inventory option (In stock or Out of stock)

    > Visibility (Public or Private)

                     Confirmation Facebook Business Page

    Great! You have successfully added your first product to your Facebook page. Here you have got succeed in the steps towards How to sell your Products on Facebook.

    Step 7: Share and Promote Your Page:

    Page Tips to promote your Business Page, so that you can increase your sell on Facebook:

    • Invite more Friends to like your Page: 

    • Try more practices to bring at least 100 likes to your page. You can this by inviting your friends who don’t know about your business. Hence more likes bring more customers to your shop. You will find an Invite Friends box there.

    • Create a Common Username for your Business page that’s Easy to remember: 

    • A username helps people to find and remember your page. It is so important because when you create a username, it appears in a customized web address for your page. 

    • For example,
      facebook.com/YourCompanyName or facebook.com/YourBrandName

    • Be sure that your username should definitely match the name of your page as much as possible. You will have a Create Username box there through which a matchable username can be set up.

            Create a Common Username

    • Add a Cover Photo: 

    • The cover photo is so important for your page. Hence it helps you to express your Page’s Identity. Be always active on your page and try to change Cover Photo seasonally. When new things are happening with your business or organization then you must upload a new cover photo.

    • Send people to Your Website: 

    • If you are a seller and possess your own business website, then you must add your website to your Facebook Page. By doing this, you can bring more traffic to your own website. As a result, customers can shop directly through your website, can make appointments or can get more information about your shop too.

    Step 8: Advertise on Facebook:

                   Advertise on Facebook

    Facebook ads allow you to promote your business. Ads bring more traffic to your business page and drive more leads for your sales. Facebook Ads allow you to advertise a website or content that you have managed on Facebook. The Ad creation on Facebook seems like the Google AdWords.

    I have explained all the steps How to sell your Products on Facebook. In a conclusion, I am sure that to sell on Facebook will not be a big deal for you.

    Finally, what do you think of this post? Further, have any problem in any step?

    Hit the box below without any hesitate.

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