How to Sell Products on Shopclues in 2019

How to Sell Products on Shopclues in 2019 ?( A Complete Guide )

Shopclues is an open E-Commerce Marketplace, planned in Silicon Valley executed in India in 2011 on Facebook Platform with a team of 5 members. In its beginning, registered 500 merchants across India and till 2016 it reached 5,00,000 and in recent days it announces that it crossed 6 lakh sellers. Shopclues Sellers are selling a wide range of categories including mobile phone, computers, home appliances, electronic products, kitchen appliances, fashion accessories, clothing, home furnishings, footwear, travel items, jewellery, automotive accessories, toys, daily needs, sports equipment, and beauty & health products. We will provide you in-depth information on How to Sell on Shopclues?

                        Seller Registration on Shopclues

                                                                          Seller Registration on Shopclues

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Steps for Seller Registration on Shopclues

Click here to go to Shopclues Seller Registration Portal

Provide your basic details like Your name, Your Store Name, Mobile no., E-mail ID, set password and choose what kind of product you are are going to sell from a business.

After the Registration process, it will bring you to seller dashboard where it will ask you for Basic Details, Bank Account Details and Service Fee Agreement.

                  Seller Information

                                                                                                Seller Information

Seller Details

1. Name of Your Online Store

2. Company’s Legal Name

3. Contact Person Name

4. Email

5. Order Pick Up Address

                               Bank Details

                                                                                  Bank Details


Bank Details on Shopclues

     1. PAN Card Details

   2. GSTIN

   3. Upload Signature

   4. Bank Name

   5. IFSC Code

   6. Account No.

   7. Branch

Service Fee Agreement

It includes terms and conditions of Shopclues. Seller has to read this carefully. Shopclues mention its charges, fulfilment fees and various other charges. After accepting this, seller registration process will complete.

There are more reasons to why you should sell on Shopclues. Few of are:

1. It will not allow sellers to sell duplicate items.

2. It has excellent customer service

3. It provides buyers protection which draws buyer attention

4. It earned many awards for its functioning


If you are a seller of refurbished goods then Sell on Shopclues is a best option for you otherwise going to any other open marketplace like Flipkart or Amazon will be a better option.


Author: Parvez Alam

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