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    How to Sell Products on Snapdeal?

    Selling online nowadays is a big Opportunity and a Threat too for newcomers at Online Marketplaces. There are too many online marketplaces to sell the product. An Online Seller can target every minute more than crores of customers, which is really a big figure. Today with the reference of Bigly Experts I’ll tell you about “How to Sell Products on Snapdeal”?

    I’m taking selling online topic for Snapdeal because there are many sellers who become a successful entrepreneur with Snapdeal. They left their job and start selling on Snapdeal and after some time, they get a too good response from online buyers. You can read their stories in Snapdeal’s Seller Diaries. Now start to know How to Sell Products on Snapdeal?

    Step 1: Documents Required for Online Selling

    This is a very important process for a seller to register its store on Online Marketplace. You should keep ready following documents:

    1. >> Goods & Services Tax Identification No. (GSTIN)
    2. >> PAN Card
    3. >> Current Bank Account
    4. >> ID Proof (Voter ID card/ Passport/ License/ Aadhaar Card)
    5. >> Cancel Cheque
    6. >> Trademark Registration Certificate/ Trademark Application

    Step 2: Choose a Product to Sell Online

    If you are new to Online selling platform and don’t want to take a risk, then you have to choose an electronic product. You can choose Mobile covers to sell.

    India is a Global Hub, for Smartphone sellers and every person who buys a smartphone always wants to buy Mobile related accessories. You can choose to sell Tampered Glass, Mobile covers, Headphones and chargers. You can earn up to 50% profit per unit.

    Step 3: Setup your Seller Store at Snapdeal

    To set up your online store at Snapdeal Seller Store. You can register your business @free of cost. Snapdeal provides you free training that how you can drive your store at snapdeal.com. After that, Put your all basic information about your company and submit it.

    Step 4: Create product Catalogue for your store

    Create a list of products which you are selling. Photos should be amazing and dynamic so it can draw the attention of viewers. It will better than you outsource a photo-shoot service provider. Snapdeal will also provide you professional network for extra works.

    Step 5: Receive Orders & Sell products across India

    After product listing customers can view your goods and you can manage your store via line Seller Panel and Seller Zone Mobile App. Please be cautious about your account health so it can’t be suspended by Snapdeal. Your any misleading activity could be a reason for that. Always provide complete information about your product. Abandoned Cart is the biggest problem in virtual selling, right now. It means Customer add a product to his cart but don’t buy it. Please provide complete information about your product.

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    Step 5: Pack your product easily and leave it with Snapdeal’s Courier

    After getting orders, simply pack your product and handover it to Snapdeal. It will ship your product.

    Step 6: Get Amount to Expand your Business

    Now, you will get payment for your sales. The amount will be credit to your account within 14 days. You can take a loan from Snapdeal for your business expansion. Only Snapdeal is providing capital assistance to our sellers. It could be a good deal for an online seller to expand its business.

    Now, I had explained that “How to Sell Products on Snapdeal“? If you need any other information, please ask it in a comment section.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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