• How to Sell Products Online from Home in 2018 ( A complete Guide )

  • How to Sell Products Online from Home

    How to Sell Products Online from Home in 2018 ( A complete Guide )

    There was a time when people supposed that to earn money was not easy and one must have to go out for it. But now it is not true. You can easily earn money by sitting at your home. There is a lot of work available online that you can try out now. Not only males but also females can run a home based business and make money easily. And they can fulfil their dreamt to become an entrepreneur. ‘An Ultimate Guide How to Sell Products Online from Home’ is a gift for those who want to become a businessman but he/she didn’t find a good direction. Also How to Sell Products Online from Home will be easy after this reading.

    After reading this writing, you will be known the following business hurdles:

    Q1. What products can you sell online?
    Q2. Where can you sell these products?

    So, let’s start this writing to guide you how to Sell Products Online from Home.

    What products can you sell online?

    I know your first question raises in your mind is that what to sell online. You are not finding what products can you sell online so those will give you a good profit margin.

    If you are still struggling to find what to sell online, here are some suggestions that will definitely help you to start your first online business:

    Books: Selling books online from home is extremely simple on any eCommerce marketplaces. Amazon and Flipkart give you a good opportunity to sell books on their platforms in easy steps. But why do I suggest you to selling books online? Because most books are free from tax and GST also.

    Niche products: Selling unique/ niche products is the most profitable ways to do business online. You can find these niche products from your local vendors.

    For example, you can source exclusive Chikan embroidered Kurtis from Lucknow, Genuine leather shoes from Kanpur, or Hyderabadi bangles from Hyderabad, etc. Since these products are specific to their regions, you can easily grab more customers with a wider reach.

    “Thanks to the internet whose presence removed the barrier of brick-and-mortar shop and gave us the opportunity for online selling.”

    High-demand products: Selling products that are bestsellers is one of the safest ways of starting an online business. For this, you have to do some research for finding best seller products in recent days. When you will get a list of best seller products, then you decide which products are easily available to your location and those can give you good sales and margin also.

    Funky electronic products: Some countries are hubs for manufacturing funky, quirky, and unique products at extremely less price. For example, China is the hub for manufacturing of quirky electronic products and offers these products at competitive prices. You can easily import these products and resale these at high prices. Because these products are different and also unique for India. So, the customer’s attention will be high for these products.

    Products that are not available offline: Selling the product that is not easily available offline is a great idea to sell online first time. As you know that some products are very difficult to find offline. Sometimes the manufacturers don’t provide enough units to the offline retailers. Hence, the customers search these products online. If you have imported these products on your online store, then automatically customers will move to your store.

    Hence, I hope there won’t be any problem for you to decide what to sell online.

    Where can you sell these products?

    Yes, you have arranged the products which you want to sell online. But now the problem is where you can sell these products. The answer is- online platforms.

    One of the low risks, easy and quick ways to start a business is to sell products online from home.
    Here I have compiled some good online places where you can sell products online from home without any complexity:

    1. Amazon:

    Well known, a big player of eCommerce marketplace, Amazon is the most popular among sellers and buyers. Founded by Jeff Bezos, Amazon is the world’s largest internet company by revenue.

    Amazon gives an offer to sell your products on its platform. You just need to register yourself as a seller on Amazon India.

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    2. Flipkart:

    It was October 2007, when the Flipkart was launched by Sachin and Binny Bansal. The company is registered in Singapore, but its Headquarters are in the city of Bangalore, India. Flipkart sells goods worth an average of INR 54.4 crores daily. The present Valuation of Flipkart is $ 14.2 billion.

    Flipkart offers the opportunity to become everyone an entrepreneur. Hence, you can get a start as a seller on Flipkart in some easy steps.

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    3. Myntra:

    Myntra is a B2C Indian business model whose headquarter is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is India’s one of the biggest fashion and casual lifestyle products eCommerce company. The company was founded in 2007 with a focus on personalization of gift items.

    Since, Myntra offers a Business entity, not an individual to sell on Myntra. So, you need to do a legal registration for your business first to Sell Products Online. If you are not a business entity, then you can leave this platform.

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    4. eBay:

    If you have old items lying around your house, you can sell them for cash on world’s number one auction site eBay. The main benefits of selling on eBay include leveraging the site to drive additional traffic to your website and can improve brand recognition.

    You list a product today, you get customers tomorrow. You don’t need to worry about promotion, discovery and traffic. That is what eBay does best for your business.

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    5. Etsy:

    Etsy is a marketplace for artists selling handmade and vintage products. Like Amazon and Flipkart, it is one of the most significant brands in eCommerce with a dedicated base of both buyers and sellers. Etsy provides a complete platform for selling handcraft and vintage items, plenty of order management tools, and attracts a huge number of buyers.

    Etsy offers a simple and easy process to become an Etsy seller. Where you can start for free. You can get a few initial sales before fully investing in products & inventory.

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    6. Bonanza:

    Bonanza is the best destination for retailers or homemakers who specialize in fashion, home, beauty and art. It has more than 25 thousands registered businesses. Its tagline “Find everything but the ordinary” enables the shoppers to find unique, and often offbeat items on this online marketplace to Sell Products Online.

    For sellers, Bonanza charges no listing fees. However, the company does collect a 3.5% closing fee on sales under $500 (Rs.34,000).

    7. Bigly:

    Bigly is India’s first eCommerce B2b business model where you can find thousands of sellers and suppliers in a single click. Any jobholder, housewife, students, bloggers, ex-servicemen, freelancers, IT professionals, or even 5th standard passed person can become an entrepreneur here.


    Bigly is an online place where you can find thousands of sellers if your a supplier or can find hundreds of suppliers if you want to become a seller. The platform provides you with the complete solution of sourcing of products, finding sellers and suppliers, inventory and logistic solution to its customers.

    Bigly has its app version which makes a very easy to do online business in reality. Bigly app is absolutely free for all the users. You can get 30 days trial period for free in Bigly website. Where you can import 50 products into your online store.

    Click here to register yourself as a seller on Bigly

    8. Newegg:

    Newegg is an online marketplace for computer hardware, electronics, tech gadgets and gear. So, it is the best choice for selling and shopping of electronics gadgets for most of the tech-savvy professionals.

    The company was founded in the year 2000 and has more than 33 million customers. Hence, due to the large user base, the company is operating more than 50 countries across the world.

    Newegg offers a free option for their seller program. Also, the company has two more paid services with advanced features.

    9. Zibbet:

    Zibbet is well-known for handmade, fine art, vintage, jewellery, photography and weddings items. It is the best place from where you can start your own online store.

    Zibbet offers a free plan, which allows sellers to list and sell up to 10 items in a month without paying any fees. But in the free plan, you can add only one photo of the item. If you want to sell more than 10 items in a month, then you will need to purchase its paid plan.

    Click the link to sell your product on Zibbet for free

    As a result, the time is for the final word of this writing.

    Hence, tell me how was today’s writing, “How to Sell Products Online from Home”?

    Kindly put your words below in the box.

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