• How to Sell Trendy Products on Facebook ?

  • tips o sell trendy products on Facebook?

    How to Sell Trendy Products on Facebook ?

    Facebook is offering varieties of opportunities to the sellers to build their online store a billion company. To know more in details, read below.

    Technology is evolving with time! The Internet is probably the best invention of humans. It is making our life easier beyond imagination. With the help of the Internet we can get everything at our fingertips without even putting much effort. In today’s world, the word ‘impossible’ doesn’t even exist. You just have to ask for it and you will get it in no time, from communicating with closed ones across the world to getting your tickets done is as easy as sipping a cup of tea.  In fact, nowadays, both shopping and selling products online is the most convenient thing. Not only that but it is also getting popular day by day.

    There are hundreds of established e-commerce websites which have come a long way in the past few years. Currently, Facebook is also becoming one of them and it is serving a great plate of opportunities for selling your products. The best thing about Facebook is it is not spiced up with unnecessary complications. Setting up a business on Facebook is not at all big deal, you just need proper guidance and that’s all. This blog will guide you through everything that you need to be aware to sell products on Facebook.

    How to Sell trendy Products on Facebook?

    Most of the people think that sales and traffic hardly ever come from Facebook but the truth is it is a huge source of online sales. There are certain facts which you need to keep on mind while selling products on Facebook.  Like,

    -> 20% of e-commerce revenues come from Facebook

    -> 7-10% boost in average order rate for Facebook dealings

    -> 2-4% is the average conversion rates range on Facebook.

    Therefore Facebook has a huge potential of E-commerce and also is an outstanding platform to sell products. So here are some strategies that you need to know to drive a successful business.

    1. Build an adequate Facebook business page

    Making a Facebook business page is not really mandatory while it comes to sell trendy products on this platform but still, it helps you to promote your products properly. Your page will act as a web page indeed.  Making a page is not that difficult but building a popular one with thousands of followers is a bit tricky. You just have to manage the contents in a very creative as well as strategic way so that your followers keep their interest intact in your page.

    Write amazing Facebook ads

    If you want to target potential leads to sell on Facebook, at first you have to make them drool and convert them to your website. It is pretty much important to run Facebook ads and to optimize all the elements which make Facebook ads perfect. Make your ads visually impactful, relevant to your products, and also add a call-to-action message. That’s it, you are done! That is all you need to have a perfect Facebook ad.

    3. Sponsored Ads

    Before getting into this point it is really important to dissolve one confusion that most people have these days, whether sponsored ads and Facebook posts are same or not. Well, no! These two are not the same.  The Facebook ad is simply advertising whereas sponsored post is something in between an advertisement and a normal post.  Sponsored ad helps to reach out the news to maximum people within your budget.

    So, these are few basic but important steps of ‘how to sell trendy products on Facebook.’ Therefore, we can easily conclude that selling products on Facebook is pretty much easy.

    Author: Abhishikha Dey

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