• How to Set Pricing of Products at Bigly platform

  • How to Set Pricing of Products on Bigly platform

    How to Set Pricing of Products at Bigly platform

    Pricing strategy is a big problem for a Seller or Retailer in an online platform. Every Seller considers this task a headache. So you must implement a Pricing strategy that attracts customers to buy now. In this post, I will uncover some Retail Pricing Strategies that let you sell more products than you ever thought possible.

    Here I will start this article with some key points of an online platform.

    Supplier: A supplier is one who supplies or produces the products. This is a person who wants to sell his products to a Seller. The supplier has the Dropshipping method of business.

    Seller/Retailer: A seller is one who owns a web store where he can showcase his imported products from a Dropshipping website.

    Now, I am sure that you have known this architecture for an online platform.

    So, I consider you as a Seller/Retailer and I suppose that you have a web store. You have integrated your online store to the Bigly.

    As you know that the Bigly enables you to operate your online store without having any inventory. Where you can manually set the pricing of your imported products on your behalf.

    Here I am going to guide you how you can set up the pricing of your products in some easy steps:

    Step 1: Login Your Seller Account:

    1. Type dropship.bigly.io in your preferred browser.
    2. Click on Login as Seller box.
    3. Fill the following details to get logged in:

                             Login Your Seller Account at Bgly

    After logged in, you can import new products from Bigly or you can edit the Pricing of your existing products.

    Step 2: Set the Price of your Products:

    Select the product whose price is to be set on your Dashboard. You will get a new window of this type.

                           Set the Price of your Products at bigly

    The Minimum and Maximum Price will be mentioned there by the Supplier. Hence, You as a Seller, keep the following points in your mind:

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    Transfer Price: This price will be paid to the Supplier by the Bigly after successfully selling the product.

    Seller Price: Seller’s price consists of Supplier price plus COD cost plus Profit Margin.

    i.e, Seller’s price = Supplier’s price + COD cost + Profit Margin

    Note: COD cost will be calculated only when the Seller provides the COD mode of payment. COD cost is 55/- rupees which are a fixed cost. In the Prepaid mode, this cost will not be added.

    You (as a Seller), only need to put this ‘Seller’s price’ in the provided place. You don’t need to Add the Shipping cost in the Seller’s price. The Shipping cost will be automatically added to the Invoice Copy.

    Total Price paid by the Buyer: This price will be the total sum of Seller’s price and the Shipping cost.

    i.e, Buyer’s price = Seller’s price + Shipping cost

    You can set the Shipping cost as per your convenience. It is editable also.

               Bigly platform


    Step 3: Take an Example:

    Suppose (for COD mode):

    1. Supplier’s price:  299/-
    2. Seller’s price =     Supplier’s price + COD cost + Profit Margin

                                    =    299/-                   + 55/-           + 45/-

                                    =    399/-

    1. Buyer’s price =   Seller’s price + Shipping cost

                                     =   399/-              + 50/-

                                     =   449/-

    Suppose (for Prepaid mode):

    1. Supplier’s price:   299/-
    2. Seller’s price    =   Supplier’s price   + Profit Margin

                                       =   299/-                     + 45/-

                                       =   344/-

    1. Buyer’s price    =   Seller’s price  + Shipping cost

                                        =   344/-              + 50/-

                                        =   394/-

    Step 4: When you will get Payment:

    The Bigly will hold the total amount (Here, 449/-) till 7 to 15 days from delivery. After completion of successful delivery, the Bigly will pay the amount to Seller as well as Supplier.

    Step 5: Amount Distribution:

    The supplier will get                       =  299/-

    Seller will get                                   =  45/-

    Bigly’s Logistic Partner will get     =  COD cost + Shipping cost

                                                               =  55/-           + 50/-

                                                               = 105/-

    Or in Prepaid mode:

    Bigly’s Logistic Partner will get      =  Shipping cost

                                                                =  50/-

    That’s so simple. 

    Hence, I hope that Pricing Strategy and Set Pricing of Products will not be a big problem for you.

    If still, you have any doubt in any step, feel free to contact us via simply drop your comment below.

    Author: Taslim

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