• How to Start Reselling of Products on Facebook in 2019

  • How to Start Reselling of Products on Facebook in 2018

    How to Start Reselling of Products on Facebook in 2019

    Facebook is a great platform to Start your Reselling business with; it is easy, comfortable, reliable and of course very interesting! To know more, have a look below.

    At times, it seems like the money making option is not that difficult as the Internet continues to grow and always show up with some amazing innovative ideas. Especially, when it comes to reselling of products on the Internet you can expect a promising result. The agenda behind reselling is very simple “Buy a product at a lower price and then resell it at a higher price and make a great profit out of it.”  A reselling business is undoubtedly a great as well as the relevant option for the first time entrepreneurs. A Reseller business is affordable and as mentioned above, it is a great option for the people who want to start their own business. Here, you don’t have to create your own products instead you will get a huge selection of products or items to choose from.

    Facebook is a wonderful platform to start with as it is easy and reliable. Not only that but reselling of products on Facebook is possibly the best and cheapest business to start out of your own home. You can sale almost anything and everything, though reselling doesn’t only mean selling of old products it also means selling of products at a higher rate that you have bought from another seller at a lower rate. Whether you want to resell your shoes, clothes or any other accessories you can do it without even putting any extra effort. You just need to follow basic guidelines and that’s it, you’re done! You are ready to sell whatever you want to sale on Facebook. It sounds very interesting, isn’t it? But you know what it is way more interesting than it actually sounds. So let’s get started by taking baby steps, “How to start reselling of products on Facebook?”

    Before getting into it you need to know two very important points and these are: Facebook has loads of free-to-post sale selling groups and the best part is many of them are local to where you live.  Facebook doesn’t charge any unnecessary fee to resale your products. Hence, everything that you sell on Facebook is purely your Profit.

    -> First of all, you have to create a Facebook page because creating a business page doesn’t only keep you in conformity with all the Facebook’ terms of services but also provides you with some supplementary benefits. And once you have set up your Facebook business page, you are almost ready to start reselling your products on Facebook. When people will visit your Facebook page they can purchase products just by clicking on the ‘Store tab’ as it directly takes them to your Facebook store.

    -> Secondly, customize the look of your Facebook store to be stable with your website.

    -> Thirdly, sync your products amid your website and Facebook page. By doing that you will get the best of both worlds. So this is a must!

    -> Fourthly, promote your products with your timeline cover photo (depends; only if you want)

    -> Fifthly, post product images with quality contents on your Facebook page.

    Therefore, these are the few basic but necessary points of ‘how to start reselling of products on Facebook’ that you need to keep in mind while reselling your products on Facebook.  Engaging your Facebook community is an amazing way to grow your reseller business because Facebook makes it pretty much easy for you to target your audiences by posting specific interests. Follow the process of posting and sharing, it will help you to evolve your business quicker.

    Author: Abhishikha Dey

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