• How to Write Meta Description for Ecommerce Store in 2018 (An Ultimate Guide to Write Meta Description)

  • How to Write Meta Description for Ecommerce Store in 2018

    How to Write Meta Description for Ecommerce Store in 2018 (An Ultimate Guide to Write Meta Description)

    You had read more time that how to write a Meta description, Meta slug or an SEO Title. They all belong to a complete SEO Performa. You should know a complete SEO Guide that includes every factor for creating a beneficial SEO Content.

    This content is not about creating a content….It is about creating an SEO Content. After analyzing the whole SEO, I noted down all the factors of SEO Content.
    SEO matter for getting your content to be in ranked in the search engine results. If you can learn and apply all these things successfully then you can make your content at the top of Google results.
    Let’s start with all the SEO Factors:

    1. Title


       > When a visitor sees your article in the Search Engine Results, and click on it read out. He looks at the top of content as a heading. This main heading is a title. But, it differs from an SEO Title.
        > You should include the right expectations of your visitors in the blog.
       > It is a most concise point which clears the everything in a sentence that what it includes and after that what will be concluded.

    2  Slug


       > Slugh is a part of URL that indicates a particular page on a website in readable form. It facilitates search engine in finding the results search for. It is a good part of URL that explains the page's address to search engines.
       > How to make a good Slug
      > To make your slug good there are only 3 points you should focus on. Optimization, no stopping and short and descriptive.

    Optimize it

    Optimization is the main thing you are working for. To optimize your slug include make it short and take the words you should include in it. In short, include focus keyword in it.

    No Stoppings

    Slug should not include the stop words like so, how, to, as, etc. Whenever any user searches on the search engine, it will ignore these stop words. It will show you results on major result basis.

    Short and Descriptive

    Make the slug short as much as possible. You should include focus keyword and you can include rest all the things from slug to make it short.

    3. Meta Keyword

    Meta Keyword that tells the search engine what is it. This focus Keywords may be more than one word in a blog. It optimizes the whole blog. This will include the main focus in your content. Your viewers will find your content from these meta keywords.

    How to use Meta Keywords

    Use these focus Keywords in your content, not more than 2.5%. These Meta keywords should not include any stop words. Try to ignore it as much as possible. If you used more than recommended keywords then you should use common misspelled and similar words so Google can consider that there is no more over keyword stuffing.

    4. Meta Description

    A Meta Description is 160-200 characters paragraph in a content that Google reads to understand the content.You can control and edit all the meta description to rank up in the google results. It depends on user's query that how accurate he/she can ask to Search Engines. You should include the main focus keywords in it.

    How to Write a Meta Description

        > Do not include the double quotation mark
        > avoid duplicate meta tags
        > Use copywriting skills for meta description
        > Make it optimal in the format
        > Keep it within 160-300 Words. but keep in mind that it is for normal situations. If you need more words to explain your content then have it.

    5. SEO Title

    SEO Title is for search engines and to attract your reader's eyes.
    Writers need to put something interesting in their Content. and they need an interesting title for this, so he can click to read the article. It clears that you don't have the same intention, similar to your normal title.

    How to Write an SEO Title

    A Writer should make it between 50-60 words. These are the standards doesn't set by any major search engine but set out by major writers. If you make it the little bit more than you will lose your strength on search engine's results. You should make it concise and finish your headings within these 60 characters.

    It's all about the SEO Factors that you should consider while creating a content. Now, you have to evaluate your content in some manner or with some standards. With WordPress, you have Yoast Plugin that will provide you all the tools to measure your content scores in Readability and SEO Terms.
    There are two inbuilt tools which facilitate you in making your content beautiful.

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    6. Readability Scores

    This tool analyzes your content and checks that how much is this readable. It uses an algorithm to suggest you make content easier.
    These standards are:

        1. Copy scores in Flesh Reading Test

        2. Minimum words should be 300

       3. Use the sentences not more than 20 words. If you are making more than 20 words then the total   sentences in the content are not more than 25% with more than 20 words.

       4. Use Active Voice sentences in the content as much as possible. If using passive, then it should not be  more than 10% of the whole content.

        5. It recommends you to use transition words at least 30% of the whole content.

    After following above standards your content will be readable for grads, youngers and even for a child.

    SEO Scores

    Once you entered the Focus keyword in Snippet editor then it will start analyzing your content's SEO. This snippet will assist you in setting up SEO Title, Meta Description, and Slug. It will show you the preview of whole SEO that Google will show a reader in search results. It may be possible that even after setting the meta matter, Google will show a different matter in its results.
    Here are the standards for analyzing:

       1. Always use a unique keyword, that you haven't used before

       2. Keyword density should be at least 0.5% and should not exceed 2.5% in the content

       3. Meta Description should contain the focus keyword

       4. There should be a Feature image for your content

       5. You should put an outbound and an inbound link in your content.

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