• What is Reselling Business? Is it Legal to start a Reselling Business through Online store?

  • Is it Legal to start a Reselling Business through Online store

    What is Reselling Business? Is it Legal to start a Reselling Business through Online store?

    “I am an educated person and want to start my online business. I have an idea for eCommerce. But the problem is that I don’t have a lot of money to set up the manufacturing farm or to build an offline shop in the market. How can I start my business?” It may be possible that you are facing the same problem. Then don’t worry any more, Reseller Business is the best option for you to start an online store.

    Hello friends, as you know nowadays eCommerce is growing exponentially and still we are waiting for its saturation period. While the saturation is doesn’t appear, why wont to be an entrepreneur. Yes, doesn’t mean you are a small business owner or a person who wants to start the online business, Reseller Business may be the entry pass of your entrepreneurship journey. In this article, I will show you what is a Reseller Business and try to find out Is it Legal to start a Reseller Business? 

    Let’s start:-

    What is Reseller Business?

    A reseller is an individual or a company who purchases the products from the manufacturer for the purpose of reselling. When a business runs on this concept, without owing the manufacturing unit but still have the products to sell is known as the Reseller Business.

    The best part of the Reseller Business is that your online store will be filled with a variety of products selection. Also, you are independent to carry out any expensive inventory costs. Besides these, you can grab the market demand by storing your online store with a variety of niche products at any time.

    You may find the following advantages of being run a Reseller Business:

    • (1). Risk-free business model:

    You don’t need to have an inventory or farmhouse to manufacture the products. Hence, less investing means less risk.

    • (2). Option to select the niche products:

    Here you can import most of the niche products which will definitely return a big gain. Also, your online store will get famous because of unique products exclusively available on your store.

    • (3). Decorate your online shop according to market demand:

    Hence you can decorate your online shop with a variety of products of more demanded and searchable over the internet.

    • (4). Free from the inventory costs:

    Because you don’t have any inventory to keep the products physically, you are free from the inventory costs. So the simple meaning is “less investment more achievement”.

    • (5). Very less time to launch your business:

    You can start your business whenever you commit to launching it. Yes, Reseller Business offers you to launch your business in a less time.

    • (6). Easy liquidation process:

    So the most important thing is the easy liquidation process of your wastage, unsold, defective or damaged products. Because in the Reseller Business, you don’t have any physical inventory to keep your products, so the imported products can be easily liquidated without any tension.

    • (7). A business without having the manufacturing unit:

    As discussed above you don’t need to keep any manufacturing unit for your business. The Reseller Business automatically covers all your product needs.

    • (8). Free from any type of seasonal hazardous effect:

    Obviously, your Reseller Business won’t be affected any more by any type of seasonal hazardous. Which enables you to focus only on your online store and business.

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    Now Is it Legal to start a Reseller Business?

    Generally, it is said that the Reselling of a product is not permitted but it is not always true. After purchasing a product, you are the legitimate owner of the product and you are free to consume it or sell it. But the one thing is that you have to get permission from the manufacturer or the first seller to resell it.

    This work is easily done by the Bigly.  Bigly is an eCommerce B2B platform. It has most of the suppliers who guarantee you to resell their products without any hurdle through your online store. You can contact Bigly to start your Reseller Business today and import thousands of niche products to your online store.

    Hence, how was this writing? Still, have any doubts or confusion about Reseller Business, knock the comment box below to poke me. Also, don’t forget to put your suggestions.

    Author: Taslim

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