• Part 2: LinkedIn Advertising Complete Guide

  • LinkedIn Advertising Guide

    Part 2: LinkedIn Advertising Complete Guide

    In the previous article, I had explained basics to you of LinkedIn Advertising. In this article, I’ll provide you step by step process of each type of LinkedIn Ads.

    Really, I had written down on advertising for various social media platforms and other online platforms but understanding & describing the LinkedIn Advertising is too tough for anyone.

    I realize it when I started to study in depth for LinkedIn Advertising.

    Keep patience and read continuously.

    When you logged into your LinkedIn Profile, there will be an option of “Advertising”. This will brings you to another web page.

    Now, complexity begins in LinkedIn Advertising.

    The most eye-catching thing is an option of “Create Ad”.

    Another option at the top “Advertising”. This is an option displaying again. It’s a drop-down. It has 4 subheads. Two are for your concerns.

    “Products” and “Video Ads”.

    Noticeable points. There are 3 points, to begin with, LinkedIn advertising:

       1. Create Ad

       2. Products

       3. Video Ads

    1st two options have some similar heads and same functioning so let’s start with total different 3rd one.

    Video Ads

    Since October 2017, there are many blogs and news talking about the release of “LinkedIn Video Ads”.

    Video Ads are the best way to attract and retain your targeted clients.

    It's the best way to tell your segmented area that your company is unique. Engage your audience with promoted video ads. Tell an awesome story to your audience about your brands.

    It leads to making leads.

    But till now, LinkedIn Videos has not been released yet.

    Now, come to next options.

    Create Ads

    This option will bring you to three types of Ads. These are:

      1. Sponsored Content

      2. Text Ads

      3. Sponsored InMail

    Let's discuss it One by One.

    Sponsored Content

    Sponsored content helps you in reaching the most viewed location by more visitors. It leads to change your audience into quality leads.

    There are LinkedIn feed, an area where most of the people viewed any of the posts. So, it’s all about the presenting your quality content to your customers.

    After entering into Sponsored Content, you are 5 steps away to start your campaign.

    Assign a name to your campaign and Set a language for your Target Audience.

    Get “Next”.

    Now, “What do you want to accomplish with your campaign?”

    Here are all the 3 things.

    Promote your written content, collect leads from your audience and Promote your Videos. Ste an Ad format. You can put a link, content image or upload a video if you are going to promote a video.

    You completed the step 1.

    In step 2, you have to upload or select the content from uploaded 1 of your content.

    Step 3.

    Create Audience for your Ad.

    This is a place where you have to make some important decisions for your Ad.

    There are too many options to filter your audience segment. Here are short descriptions for all.

     1. Company Name: Select a company, if you want to show your ad to a specific company.

     2. Company Industry: you can select industry if your target segment belongs to a specific industry.

     3. Company Size: It refers to no. of employees in a company.

     4. Job Title: For specific professionals.

     5. Job Function: Based on certain functions to target persons for certain activities for earning money.

     6. Job Seniority: If you are going to senior personnel.

     7. Member Schools: It is basically for targeting schools.

     8. Fields of Study: If your target audience is students then you can set it up as Commerce, Science or Arts.

     9. Degrees: If your Targeted Students are pass out from their institutions.

     10. Member Skills: These are the students, who get skills instead of degrees.

     11. Member Groups: A place where professionals are, with common objectives and perspectives.

     12. Member Gender: Male or Female.

     13. Member Age: The most important thing in segmenting your audience. If you can target this thing perfectionally, then you can easily make your audience a great lead.

     14. Year of Experience: The career he had experienced in an industry.

     15. Company Followers: This is grab market share. This option will help you in grabbing the followers of your competitors.

     16. Company Connections: It is similar as above.

    Check Mark the last two options in this Step and Select Next.

    Step 4 is for Schedule Budget and Schedule Campaign.

    The important thing in this step is “Insight Tag”.

    It is a lightweight JavaScript tag that leads to tracking your conversions, retargeting your customers and web analytics for LinkedIn ad campaigns.

    How to Install LinkedIn Insight Tag?

    Click here and enter your Website Address then Hit the “Continue”.

    After you will get the Insight tag. It is a coding.

    Copy it and install on your website.

    Take a Web Developer’s help to do it.

    In the final step, make payment.

    That’s all about the Sponsored Content.

    See Also: Part 1: Basics of LinkedIn Advertising

    Text Ads

    These ads are based on visitor’s interest.

    You have seen in Linked on the Right Side of the page “Ads you may be interested in”.

    As similar as previous one, this one also has 5 steps.

    Name of your Campaign

    Provide a name for your campaign and set up a language for your targeted audience.

    Create your Ad

    At this step, you can select what you want to promote your company’s LinkedIn page or your website. Provide a headline, description and image. There are 3 layouts for your ad. Select as per your choice. Save the ad format and then you will the ad status next. Hit the next.

    Create your Audience

    It is similar to previous one to create an audience.

    Budget and Schedule

    Decide budget, how you want to spend PPC or per impression and your bids.

    Finally, Make Payment.

    Sponsored In-mail

    Traditional Method of mailing till exists, but LinkedIn Sponsored Inmail is a good way to send a message your audience in a personalized manner. Let's start to know how to do this.

    There is a little bit different in the Sponsored InMail Setup.

    In the 1st, step you have to put up your name as it is a personalized message. And provide a subject to your matter.

    2nd step, Type your message for your audience. Select that you want to make some terms and conditions for your audience or not. If you select yes, then in the next step make some terms and conditions. Now, provide page’s URL, name to Call-to-Action Button, and add an image for Inmail.

    Now, again match audience, set budget and make payment.

    Tell me which one is best for you business.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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