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    Most Important Pages On Your eCommerce Website

    As you have planned to create an eCommerce website where you can showcase your products. So your products should be of good quality as well as your website must be attractive. Because an attractive website attracts more customers and as a result, the customers will engage more in browsing the products on your website. Every website has some common pages but which pages are most important for a website? I will tell you that which are the Most Important Pages On Your eCommerce Website so that your eCommerce website be successful and continually profitable.

    In my list to find the Most Important Pages On Your eCommerce Website, these are the following:

    1. 1. Home Page

    2. 2. Product Page

    3. 3. Product Reviews

    4. 4. Checkout Page

    5. 5. Blog

    6. 6. FAQ Page

    7. 7. Contact Us

    Now, let’s start one-by-one of each page and find its importance for your website.

    1. Home Page:

    A homepage is the very first page of your website. You can say that this is the place from where you can welcome your customer and can build a great impression. Take an example to understand it in a better way:

    As suppose you are going to someone’s house for the very first time. How does it feel if you see it all dirty from the outside, with a messy garden, and probably with no proper structure to the door and windows? Then do you still like to see the inside of the house?

    Your website is exactly like the house. As much your website be neat and clean, no irrelevant ads contain high-quality graphics, the number of people will take interest to engage in your website.

    Make sure your Home page gives a brief overview of what your store is all about. And keep the Navigation Menu in the header part as clear and highlighted as possible. Try to insert CTA (Call To Action) button on every page so that the customers can reach easily to the home page.

    2. Product Page:

    “What you see is what you get” means “Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai”. This quote exactly matches to your web store where you can show your products. Since the customer can’t physically view your product, it is important that you include as much information as possible to make it easier for him to make a purchase decision.

    Make sure you have described each and every product in detail. You must upload 5-6 good quality images of the product. Product page must contain the Add to Cart and the Buy Now buttons. Make sure to avoid the misleading the customers about your products.

    3. Product Reviews:

    Product reviews are an important part of your web store. It increases the branding and marketing of your products. When your product gets a positive review from a customer, then the new customer trusts on your products. Hence by the review, you can build trust and loyalty among the customers.

    Make sure your products have more reviews from real buyers so that new customers can make the right decision while making a purchase. It increases the visibility of your website on the online platform too. Reviews can help as keyword while customer searches any product on a search engine.

    4. Checkout Page:

    Online shopping should be a pleasant experience for anyone. So you must have an easy checkout process. Your checkout process should be different to the rest and it is so easy without unnecessary distractions.

    Make sure your checkout page only contains the necessary information so that the customer can easily navigate through the process quickly.

    Take the less information from the customer at the checkout time. Here is the list:

    1. > Email Address of the Customer

    2. > Phone Number

    3. > Delivery Address

    4. > Different Payment Options

    5. > Confirm Order

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    5. Blog:

    The “Content is knowledge” and so, it plays a big role in making anything sell online. The blog is not just about making your customers aware of your website. But it is also a way to aware them by telling what is happening in the eCommerce industry.

    Therefore, here are the main functions of a blog for your website:

    1. > It builds up the SEO for your website

    2. > Creates Backlinks

    3. > Generates Leads for your online shop

    4. > Brings Positive Conversion Rates

    5. > Influences the audience

    6. > It creates uniqueness with extra information

    7. > You can create a customer base

    8. > Creates Brand Recognition

    9. > It connects the Website with the audience

    10. > It enhances the customer engagement

    11. > The blog is an effective channel to share ideas

    6. FAQ Page:

    Many of web users prefer to visit this section first to save time and to know direct your policies. They don’t want to waste their time in searching different problems and their solutions.

    Make sure that the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is well written in a standard format. It has more relevant questions and their respective answers also. You must write your company's terms, conditions, and return policies. Hence, put yourself in your customer shoes and answer all the darkest questions that can be prevented to buy from you.

    7. Contact Us:

    Before making a purchase, the customer mostly wants to know about your website and your location. Actually, it is important to know about whom for a customer who wants to take services or products. So this page should be straightforward information and real also.

    Make sure this page includes enough information about your website. The following points definitely should be mentioned there:

    1. > Contact Information

    2. > Mailing Address

    3. > Company's Email Address

    4. > Telephone Number

    5. > Helpline Number

    6. > Live Chat (if your website has).

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