• Referral Marketing Guide in 2018 : A Helpbook Guide For Everyone

  • Referral Marketing Guide in 2018

    Referral Marketing Guide in 2018 : A Helpbook Guide For Everyone

    Usually, you faced and strategize many kinds of marketing ideas to promote and sell your customers. Maybe it was for retainment of customers, grabbing the market share, customer satisfaction, bringing down the competition or with anyone else. There is something precious is still have to discuss and to be applied. It is referral marketing that is associated with the Coupons, Offers and Loyalty that reaches through “Word of Mouth”.

    A Single marketing strategy that covers all aspects of the great investment. Yes, it covers more investment rather than offering discounts only.

    Be with me, after this content, referral strategy will be in you.

    Let’s start learning and understanding the Referral Marketing:

    Definition of Referral Marketing

    Referral Marketing is a system that transforms the customers into promotion source. The customer uses their word to promote the company among their friends, family and neighbors. It belongs to a culture of Word of Mouth Business.

    Referrals make your customers more brainer and this could harm your business. So, if you are going to plan a referral marketing, you should know that there is nobody loyal to your business and you have to enforce them to promote your brand against some benefit.

    Importance of Referral Marketing

      >> When you wish to go for Referral Marketing, one question that introspects is that why you should go with Referral Marketing? Here is you should know the importance and benefit of Referral Marketing.

      >> Referral strategy always works because anyone would like to listen the nearer or dearer rather than listening to a corporate. Nobody will search on Website first. The first time, he will ask his/ her family to ask about a product, quality and services.

      >> Referrals can bring better and more new customers to your business. According to a study, an old customer brings more than 25% profit to businesses.

       >> It will look messy.

       >> Understand it easily.

      >> At the initial level, businesses invest huge on their beginner customers. It leads the customer towards a loyalty chain. They surely stopped after making the first or second purchase but they didn’t stop praising the service or benefit they got from that companies. They continuously spread the brand’s knowledge and the services among the people.

    The noticeable point here…

    Company provided coupons and other schemes to shop again but not for advertising their brand. The customer took the benefits and stop making a purchase when benefit overs.

    If you can exceed the customer’s expectation then sure, the customers will again and again come to you. This will happen when customer sings your praises.

    Recently, article published in Harward Business reviews shows that what things motivate a person to shop with a brand again:

    Product involvement (33%): The end-user’s experience is so delightful that he/she can’t resist sharing it.

    Self-Involvement (24%): The user is the first one to try the product in his/her close circle or has exclusive information about the product.

    Other Involvement (20%): The user wants to help others, especially the ones he/she deeply cares about.

    Message Involvement (20%): The message that the brand delivers is so valuable that the user attaches his/her identity to it, and feels that it needs to be shared.

    Things you consider when seeking its importance:

    1. It’s a precision targeting
    2. Based on a trust factor
    3. Reach and Acceleration

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    Benefits of Referral Marketing

    Benefits are the wide scope that has the reason why it should they lie in them. Here may be much more benefits. I’ll explain you only monetary benefits that you will get from referral Marketing.

    1. Reduces your Sales Budget

    To increase anything or bring it I efficiency everything needs money to improve it. Similarly, to increase sale there is a sales budget for every company.

    When you spend amount to attract customers, they will bring furthermore customers to you.

    Now, to achieve sales target you need less budget as before. You old customer will accomplish your sales target without telling you.

    2. Increase chances of re-visiting

    The first impression always left some goodness. When a customer gets benefits in his first visit then the revisiting chances go more. Whether for gain or with loyalty. He will come to you. This will leads to make you effortless.

    3. Will put efforts where needed

    This will let you make efforts at the right place.

    Let’s get it how?

    Referral provides you with a data that the customer visiting again and the customer stop visiting after getting benefits. Here you can estimate that, you need to make efforts on those customers which are not re-visiting to your store.

    4. Generate a good ROI

    Have look on the point 1 and point 2.

    When your sales budget reduces and you will invest the budgets where needs. It leads a good return on your investment. Hence, it will give you a good ROI.

    5. Fewer promotion needs after sometimes.

    These all activities will let you free after some time for investing too many amounts on promotions and loyalty programs.

    “Finding benefits?

    Stop feeling & Start thinking.”

    How to do it?

    The next step is to enter the market to be referred.

    1. Make sure they will refer you instantly

    The first step. While designing a referral program you should ensure that visitor and customer instantly refer you to another.

    While they are shopping with you, after taking the coupon’s benefit you should give them another against of sharing you with someone on FB or WhatsApp. Make a good landing page to make your referral page.

    2. Design your Referral easy to understand

    Frame your referral as easy as possible to understand. As per a study, 65% of the shoppers don’t like to enjoy the complex referral process. You should design it to be referred not to be ignored.

    3. Define your Referral Mediums

    Select your platforms where your referrals are going to be shared. These platforms should be pre-selected. The better option will be available your referral on every social media platform.

    4. Personalize it, if possible

    If you are going with mail marketing method, then you should do more study on your customer’s daily activity. This will help you in sending the message with personalization. It will let them feel touchy.

    5. Get Results

    It’s time to get and measure the results.

    Don’t Set and Forget

    It’s not a one-time planning that’s why you have to monitor it continuously.

    If you are setting it and waiting for the result then you should aware that, a referral is based on assumptions and expectations there are more chances of getting failed. So, you should monitor it, wherever correction needs to do it as soon as possible.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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