• Reseller Business Opportunities to Help You Make Money in Spare Time With Minimum Investment

  • reseller business opportunity to make money in free time

    Reseller Business Opportunities to Help You Make Money in Spare Time With Minimum Investment

    There is never enough money even if you are well employed. Ladies may have given up gainful employment in order to take care of their family and find they have spare time on their hands. Time is money. Make use of it to generate money.

    You could work part-time. This is easy. However, income is limited and you must devote time each day. Do not go this way. Try business. If you think it involves a lot of investment, you are wrong. There are crazy Reseller opportunities where you do not need to invest a lot upfront. Become a Reseller but choose the avenue carefully.

    When one talks about becoming a Reseller, the image that comes to mind is a retail store set up. You stock up with many items and wait for customers to walk in. This is one way. However, there are more elegant ways to use the Reseller model to generate income in your spare time and be free at the same time.

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    One of the prime dictums of business is to have a market before you procure or manufacture products. Does this scare you? No need to be. You have a market in the form of:

    • -> Whatsapp contacts

    -> Social media

    -> Email contacts

    -> Friends circle

    You do spend time messaging each other and in posting on social media. Take it a step further. Let your world know you have started a business and request their support and get them to spread the word in their circles.  Leverage Facebook to post photos of products, feedbacks from buyers and also offer deals and rewards for those who buy more or recommend your products to others in their group. Meanwhile, tie up with a supplier.

    Sourcing is important. You can buy well-branded products but this means you have to pay upfront and you may have to buy a minimum quantity to get a discount. Besides, you have competition. Others are selling the same products and on more favourable terms. The best thing to do is tie up with a supplier who:

    -> Supplies generic products of high quality

    -> Supplies products without asking for minimum order quantity

    -> Supplies products at most reasonable rates so that, even after adding your margin, it is quite competitive and appeals to prospective buyers.

    Pick a supplier who will dispatch products direct to buyer, even at a retail level. You do not have to bother with packing and shipping. Just make sure seller has a fair returns policy.

    Pick the right category. You could try to go for niche products but these have limited demand and your turnover will be less. Instead, start with categories such as apparels that everyone needs on an ongoing basis. Selling to friends and acquaintances becomes easier this way.

    Why sell products and not concepts like insurance? The simple answer is that as the business grows you sell more units. You may set a low margin on one item but if you manage to sell hundreds and thousands then you get a high return on volume sales. And the best thing is, if you have chosen the right product category and supplier, you can achieve this stage without investing heavily in time or effort or money.

    Author: Prajakta

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