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    Simple ways to make a website without coding in 2018

    “I want to start my online store but the problem is that how to make a website?" this is the common problem of most of the offline store owner. Also if you want to take your business online, you must have a website where you can put your products. Where customers can visit your products, like it and make a purchase. In addition, you can get paid through payment gateway of your website. But everyone doesn’t know how to maintain a website and ways to make a website. Don’t worry, I am TaSLiM here to guide you to build a website without coding.

    If you’re ready to launch a new website for your personal blog, startup, or anything else, you don’t need to know HTML, CSS etc. Just you need a little knowledge of WordPress, domain name, and hosting provider. Remaining ways to make a website is very easy and you can make your first website without coding within 90 minutes.

    Firstly, I am giving a list of requirements which you need in making a website:

    1. Domain name

    2. Hosting provider

    3. WordPress

    In this article, I have chosen a paid domain with free hosting service from where you can install WordPress for free also. So, let’s start to make your first website without coding knowledge.

    Domain name:

    The first thing you need for the website building is a domain name. A domain name is nothing but the extension or recognition of your website.

    For an example, www.example.demo, here ".demo" is the domain name of the website.

    There are a lot of domain name provider companies on the Internet. But I recommend GoDaddy for the domain name. Its services are satisfying and costs are also economical. You can opt for a top-level domain (TLD), e.g, .com at Rs.1250/- for two years with website security features.

    Besides GoDaddy, you can consider other domain service providers. I have already provided an article on domain name service provider companies. You can read more about domain name by clicking here.

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    Hosting provider:

    If I say that domain is an elephant and the hosting is the fodder for it. Yes, purchasing a domain is less cost (Rs.1250/- for 2 years) while hosting is an average of Rs.300/- per month. That’s mean you have to cost for Rs.600/- for 1 year for domain and Rs.3600/- for hosting. Then you may think why hosting is so costly?

    Actually hosting is a place or more powerful computers where all the files, data, etc of your website are stored. In other words, this is a place where you keep your all the website information. So obviously this place must be very secure, and high security where you can keep your data safe.

    Same as for domain name providers, there are a lot of hosting providers on the internet. I personally recommend BlueHost for hosting service because its service is really amazing and it never let you down, I bet you. But its cost is little high than the others. I have already provided an article on hosting service providers in India. You can read more about hosting service provider by clicking here.

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    If you are a new learner and want to build your first website then why do you want to spend the hosting amount? So I have a jackpot for you.

    Try hosting service from InfinityFree.net which offers really amazing service for completely free of its basic features. And you can host your website for a lifetime as a free member. If you want to start blogging, you must start with this hosting provider. I am a regular user of infinityfree.net, and trust it never let me down till now.

    Now I will explain the ways to make a website in easy and simple steps:

    Step.1: Domain name purchase:

    I hope you have already purchased a domain name from GoDaddy or other platforms. In this domain name, example.demo, an example is the username of your blog, business or any entity from which audience will identify you. Whatever, if you have a domain name, then proceed to host your website.

    Step.2: Hosting from Infinityfree.net:

    Once you have purchased a domain, now you have to host your website. Create a free account in infinityfree.net by entering some basic information. You don’t ask for any credit card or debit card, because it is always free.

    As you have created an account, now you are eligible for taking its services.

     How to point your domain name to InfinityFree nameservers?

    Before you can add your domain name to your hosting account, you need to point it to the InfinityFree nameservers.

    The nameservers of your domain name are a setting at your domain registrar (maybe GoDaddy) to allow you to host a domain name with a different hosting provider. So you need to change these settings at the site (GoDaddy) where you bought your domain name.

    Step.1: Find the correct nameservers:

    Before changing your nameservers, you need to find out which nameservers you should use. For InfinityFree, following are the correct nameservers:

    1. ns1.byet.org

    2. ns2.byet.org

    3. ns3.byet.org

    4. ns4.byet.org

    5. ns5.byet.org 

    Step.2: Access your domain’s management area:

    To change nameservers, you need to login in the client area. After that, go to Domain Manager section.

    Find your domain name in the list.

    Step.3: Go to nameservers section:

    You can change the nameservers of your domain name through a separate section. The nameservers section is always separated from the DNS records section.

    Step.4: Set the custom nameservers:

    Set your domain name to use custom nameservers and entered the nameservers as ns1.byet.org, ns2.byet.org, ns3.byet.org, ns4.byet.org, ns5.byet.org

    Step.5: Wait for the changes to propagate:

    Well done! You have done all the necessary steps. Now it can take anywhere from a few hours to few days for the changes to be visible.

    After all these steps, you need a website builder which can create your website now. Do you know who is that one who can do this work for your website? Think, think.

    What, one who has the knowledge of HTML, CSS etc?

    But we are here to build a website without coding. Then why do we need any website developer or why do we need these coding skills.

    WordPress is that one who will do this work for your website. Yes, now the WordPress will be installed on your site to build it awesome.



    How to install WordPress on your website?

    On InfinityFree, it’s very easy to create your WordPress website. To create your WordPress site, follow the following steps:

    1. Login to your Control panel by clicking the Login link from the Client area.

    2. Select Softaculous Apps installer from the control panel.

    3. Click on WordPress.

    4. Click Install Now.

    5. Fill in the settings on the page: You may change the admin login details and site name.

    6. Click Install.

    Congratulations! WordPress is now installed on your website successfully.

    As a result, you have successfully built your first website using WordPress and most important thing, you have built a website without coding.

    Now, let me know how to make a website is really simple or complex. Put your words below in the box and tell me any other ways to make a website.

    Author: Taslim

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