• Top 10 Benefits of Selling Products Online in 2018

  • top benefits of selling products online in 2018

    Top 10 Benefits of Selling Products Online in 2018

    Offline or Online? This is a contrary between brick-and-mortar owner to an online store owner. Whatever, the world is changing from offline to online rapidly. As you can see everything is now being online. Since the time of the internet emerged, the eCommerce is flourishing and it is building a milestone day-by-day. The online reservation system, different forms of online payments, as a credit card, debit card, net banking, NEFT, online shopping, etc are the results of the internet revolution. Hence, you may still be unaware of the benefits of online selling. There are a lot of benefits which will convince that Why should you sell your products online?

    Without wasting the time, I have compiled some reasons which will enable Why should you sell your products online and see the results of the benefits of online selling.

    1. Low cost and easy to start:

    It is very easy to start an online store than an offline store. You can start your online store whenever you decide to start a business. Just you need to frame and create a blueprint for your business idea. There are many eCommerce platforms which are 24/7 available to help you.

    You don’t need to set up your online store manually. You can hand over this task to Bigly and you can only focus on your business strategy. In Bigly, you don’t need to produce your own products or having inventory. Bigly has all the solutions to aids your online business easily.

    Also, you can save the different costs for starting the store. There are 80% fewer costs in starting an online store than an offline store. In the offline store, you need to manage your physical store, inventory, staff, advertisements, electric cost, and many more costs. While in the online store, you don’t need these costs. Again I suggest you, if you decide to start your online store today, then your online store will be opened within a week.

    2. No need for brick-and-mortar shop:

    In the online store, you just need a website which will be integrated to Bigly through an API. Hence, here everything is in the cloud and you don’t have a need for brick-and-mortar shop. This one needs for the offline store.

    You must have to own a domain for your website. Once you purchased a domain name, then need to take hosting service. After that you can build your own website by yourself if you have technical knowledge, otherwise may need to contact any web developer to build your website.

    This website is the replica of any offline store. Here you can list unlimited items and showcase these items to the millions of customers across the country.

    Hence, you can save different costs as were costing for the offline shop. Here, you can run your store yourself alone. Also, you don’t need to worry about any physical damage to the products. This is the main reason Why should you sell your products online. 

    3. Increase your brand awareness:

    In my point of view, increase your brand awareness is the most benefits of online selling. By sitting in a room, you can spread your products across the nation without any hard work. As the presence of your products online, it gets brand awareness automatically. The more your products will sell, your brand will get more brand awareness.

    As B2b facts say that approx 81% consumers do an online search before making any purchase. Hence, when they search any product online or offline, your online presence will grab their eyes into your brand. You must try to appear your brand on the first page of the Google search. Then you can convert this search into a potential customer. You may have some time to improve your website visibility among the Google search. For this, you must have the knowledge of SEO and some strategies to drive traffic to your website.

    4. Find customers in remote areas:

    Why should you sell your products online, the answer is to increase your customer reach. You don’t need to approach a single customer for buying your products. The customers across the nation or even globe can find you through Google search. Hence, by doing so, your online store is reaching all over the world. Most of them may be your potential customers who can make a purchase in your store.

    As a result, you can easily expose your business before the big volume of buyers. Your business will reach as far as you can’t approach them physically ever.

    5. Earn good profit margin:

    Oho, how can we forget the benefits of online selling without earning a good profit? Ultimate goal to every seller is to earn more and more. And you can achieve this goal only in online selling. Most of the sellers are online for making more money. Here you can increase the price of any particular product which has more demand in the market. Also, your niche selection of products can give you good profit margin.

    Bigly is ready to launch its Android App, which will give you a golden opportunity to earn money online. This is just like to make money on an online platform. Where you can make money only by sharing the catalogue of products among different social media platforms. So, the best part of the app is that at the sharing time, you can edit the price of any product according to you. By doing so, you can gain as margin as you want.

     6.  Sell everything and anything:

    Why should you sell your products online, the perfect answer is here. You can sell everything and anything through online. As you know the online shopping site, eBay where you can buy and sell anything, Yes, anything. Most of the sellers sell their new products but in the eBay platform, you can sell used or old products easily.

    An online shopping site, Etsy, which offers you to sell handcrafted and handmade products. So, selling online is a good decision because here you can sell products according to you without any problem. I also prefer to sell and buy products online because of a hassle-free shopping experience.

    7. Operate your online store from anywhere:

    Yes, it is one of the benefits of online selling, as you can operate your business from anywhere in the country. You don’t need to manage an office, any physical shop or any inventory to run your online store.

    Your shop is there, you are where. Access to your online store is easy and you can operate while you are on the way, or any journey or even celebrating the summer vacations with your family in foreign. Every task is on the tip of your finger and you will get the payment into your bank account without any trouble.

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    8. Your online store is 24/7 open:

    Can you imagine a shop which can run 24 hours and 7 days in a week? I think it is not possible in an offline store. So, you must have an online store to operate this type of accessibility shop. Yes, in the online store, you can get orders at midnight, in the early morning while doing jogging in the park. When you sleep by processing of thousands of orders, then wake up in the morning, you will find hundreds of new orders in your online store.

    Your store is never shut down, even on Sunday, your shop is running smoothly. And I hope on Sunday, you can make more sales than other days. These are the benefits of online selling.

    9. Easy analysis of your online store:

    Your shop is easily scalable and you can analyse your business at any time. You will not find this facility in the offline shop. At least you need to maintain a register and pen-pencil to measure your profit, investment, expenditure and many more, and also you need time for doing these analyses. But in the online selling, you don’t need to keep any pen-pencil to analyse your business any more. You can get a full analysis of your business in a single click.

    You may be thinking why this analysis is important for your business? Whenever you can’t analyse your business, you can’t estimate the ratio of your investment and margin of your business. This is called the ROI (Return On Investment) of your business.

     10. No headache for bargaining with customers:

    Wow, amazing. Not need to waste time in bargaining for prices with the customers. In the offline store, the bargaining is a primary headache for most of the sellers. But in the online mode, you are absolutely free from this action. Your customers are ready to pay what amount is printed on the catalogue.

    I know, now you will definitely say Why should you sell your products online. After knowing these so many reasons and benefits of online selling, there will be no any person who don’t want to sell their products online.

    As a result, you may now aware of “Why should you sell your products online”.

    Also, if you have any benefits of online selling, then put your words below in the box.

    Author: Taslim

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