• Top 10 Types of Content For Marketing in 2018 (A Complete Guide )

  • Types of Content For Marketing in 2018

    Top 10 Types of Content For Marketing in 2018 (A Complete Guide )

    Whether your business is B2B or B2C, its all about person to person who understands words and voice. Today is the era of Information and it is improving continuously. You need to convey the content to make a flow of information. Here you need to do Content Marketing, to begin with, your product’s marketing.

    Here you should understand the word “Content”.

    Content includes everything in your business. It could be Audio, Video, Visual or any written or any typed material. This content helps you in promoting your brand.

    Now, Content Marketing.

    Content Marketing is a process of creating content for potential and actual customers & engaging them to your company in a long run. It builds your business’s relationship with the customer and solving their problem. Content Marketing believes that this relation will encourage them to do purchase with the engaged company.

    Let’s look at Content Marketing types.

    It’s about the content types that helps you in doing content marketing in an organized manner.

    Types of Content Marketing

    1. Video


    I put up the Video Content first.

    Video has more potential to explain your thoughts and convey the information within few time and efforts. Every visitor would like to hear instead of shuffling with Black alphabets. Hence, Video Content Marketing is the powerful way to engage with your audience. Apart from engagement, it increases the conversion rates.

    According to a study:

    >Video Content holds the 50% of all mobile web traffic

    >The word “Video” used in a mail, increased its open rates by 19%

    >78% of web visitors watch the video every week.

    2. Blogs


    Blog content is a good and traditional way for content marketing. With the help of Blogging technique, you can create interactive, funny and creative content for your website visitors. Nowadays, the FB and other social media platforms & especially search engines are full of blog contents. When you get more readers on your blogs, it raises your position among your competitors and increases brand awareness.

    “All you need to create a good content a Thinking Lab within your Mind.”

    3. Newsletter

    The newsletter is a great way to rebranding through reminding technique.

    When you already appraised your brand to your audience, maybe at the first time they didn’t make any purchase from you. But you should remind them. This content marketing helps you. You can provide them product updates, your ideas, take their suggestion and advice or say them thanks to visit at your business.

    “86% of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes. – HubSpot”

    4. Question and Answer

    It also belongs to written content strategy. Quora is a great platform to use this strategy. By using Quora you can easily answer your audience about your product. It leads to a good content marketing as it hits at a point rather than revolving around a matter.

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    5. eBooks

    The eBook is a great way to educate your leads and customers about your product. But it only helps for newcomers to your business. And the best medium to provide them with an ebook is a mail after signing up with your website. It leads a great content marketing way and builds good customer relationship in a long run.

    6. Case Studies

    Case stories are a way to continuously provoking your engaged audience to make a purchase from you.

    In the meanwhile of business operations, you gain positive experiences by solving your customer problems. It leads to a good story.

    Let’s make a case study on the stories that you had experienced. Your website and newsletters are the best way to provide them with a good approach to you.

    7. Analytical Data collected through Surveys

    Most of the times the emotions and perceptions are not enough to pursue your audience to make the purchase from you. They need stats that let them sure about the future profits.

    You can get these analytics through doing a primary survey. If it costly for you, then you can purchase it from any online data providing website. There are many websites that can provide you with little cost.

    8. Infographics


    Infographics are a good way to visualising your content marketing campaign. It helps a content marketer in creating a visual blog by using graphics, information, data and facts. It pings a great Call-to-Action to your web visitors.

    9. Testimonials and Interviews

    Testimonials and Interviews

    Testimonials are a transient way to attract your audience transiently. It’s a pure proof of your good business viability. Today it let your customer believe upon you. It affects your Content Marketing if you ignored it.

    65% of purchase decision makes a basis for their reviews and ratings.

    Another are interviews.

    Interviews convert your leads into purchases quickly. It is the best way to do content marketing. The videos you will create can tell your customers about the problems and emotions related to products.

    10. Live Webinars

    Going live with your audience will make you more interactive and responsive to your customers. It helps you in gathering more traffic and creating engagement throughout the content marketing.

    Why should you go for Content Marketing for your Website?

    Why should you go for Content Marketing for your Website?

    Here are some facts that will help you in understanding the growth of content and the internet.

    This data is applicable since 2008 and for social networking sites:

    1. The number of people online has more than doubled from 1.4 billion to over 3 billion

    2. Facebook has gone from 80 million users to more than 1.4 billion

    3. Twitter had 2 million accounts and now it is 300 million and counting.

    4. The number of smartphones was 250 million in 2008 and today there are more than 2 billion. That is an 800% increase!

    But today’s scenario is different. You should know that every minute on the web:

    1. 4 million search queries on Google

    2. Facebook users share 2.46 million pieces of content

    3. Email users send 204 million messages

    Bonus Point

    As per my study, I got 7 points that you should put up in your Content Marketing Strategy. These 7 elements make your content valuable.

    1. Immediacy: providing early access or immediate delivery

    2. Personalization: content framed just for you

    3. Interpretation: providing support, guidance and context in understanding a given area

    4. Authenticity: real advice from a real person

    5. Accessibility: content that can be accessed when and where you want it

    6. Embodiment: content delivered in the form you want it

    7. Findability: filtering out irrelevant content

    Above lines refer that your reader must get these feelings in your content. It helps your visitor in understanding easily and share it with his community.

    Tell me how this advice was helpful for you.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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