• Top 5 Cloud based eCommerce Platforms for Online store in 2018

  • Top Cloud-based eCommerce platforms

    Top 5 Cloud based eCommerce Platforms for Online store in 2018

    In the eCommerce industry, one question is common for all. Which platform is better for eCommerce store? Mainly there are two types of platforms available to host an online store. SaaS and Self-hosted. Software as a Service is a cloud-based platform where you don’t need to edit, maintain or anything for your online store. Whereas in self-hosted, you have all the controls on your website. You can edit or modify your website in accordance with your requirements. Both the platforms are some pros and cons on their own, some security glitches may be found in the Cloud-based eCommerce platforms.

    It depends on you which type of eCommerce platform do you want to host your online store. There is always a healthy discussion on this topic. Which is best or which can give you the best service. But if you want to start your online store in a short period of time, then I personally suggest that you should go with the Cloud-based eCommerce platforms, where you can run your store without the burden of data management system. Today’s cloud-enabled e-commerce platforms are easily accessible, customizable and provide us with the saving time automation functionality. In this writing, I have compiled the top 5 Cloud-based eCommerce platforms for your Online store in 2018.

    These top five Cloud-based eCommerce platforms are listed here:

    1. 1. Shopify

    2. 2. BigCommerce

    3. 3. Volusion

    4. 4. Wix

    5. 5. StoreHippo

    Let’s start one-by-one to know more about these Cloud-based eCommerce platforms.

    1. Shopify:

    Shopify is a cloud-based eCommerce platform. It can be used by any business entity, any entrepreneur and any individual seller to set up an online store that can sell almost anything. Shopify offers a free for 14-days trial period to test your business.

    Shopify is a Canada-based eCommerce company located in Ottawa, Ontario. It has integrations of many marketing tools which can help your online store to boost the sales. The company reported that it had more than 600,000 merchants who were using its online platform as of August 2017. It has a POS (Point-of-Sale) proprietary platform for online stores.

    The company has generated over $581 million of revenue as of 2017. It claims that the company had more than 1930 employees till 2017.

    Some features of Shopify are:

    1. * It is a cloud-based eCommerce platform which can be run from any web browser.

    2. * Shopify has high-security checks, so sellers don’t take any tension. It will handle every security issues.

    3. * The company has a good customer support team which will always help you.

    4. * It is the most emerging eCommerce company where you can find millions of merchants easily.

    2. BigCommerce:

    BigCommerce is a cloud-based privately owned technology company. It offers a user-friendly eCommerce software for business. By using this software, any user can build beautiful, responsive web store without any design knowledge. The company was founded in 2009 and has more than 456 employees with headquarters in Austin, Texas.

    BigCommerce has some additional features with unlimited bandwidth and storage. These features consist of gift cards, reviews & ratings, as well as basic tools to give your store a unique look and feel. The company can handle everything from products, payments, shipping, checkouts, and many more. You just have to manage your online store and increase your sales. BigCommerce has more than 321 add-ons, some of which are free of cost, and some are of low cost. Also, you can start with the company for free as 15-days trial period.


      Cloud-based eCommerce platforms

    3. Volusion:

    Volusion is a cloud-based eCommerce platform which allows you to build your online store without having any technical knowledge. It allows you to focus on your selling, and the company will handle all the remaining things.

    Volusion was started in 1999, headquartered in Austin, Texas. So, the company currently powering over 30,000 online stores and enabled its users to sell over $26 billion worth of goods over last 18 years.

    Some features of Volusion are:

    1. * Volusion gives you a very comprehensive set of tools so that you can build a very capable online store.

    2. * You can get the assistant customer support from its expert team via phone or mail.

    3. * Volusion doesn’t charge you any transaction fee so that you can keep all the profits with you.

    4. Wix:

    Wix is one of the Cloud-based eCommerce platforms, Israeli cloud-based web development platform which helps you to build a functional online store for selling your products. It is very easy to integrate your online store into different social media, marketing tools, or promoting tools. Hence, it allows the users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online Drag and Drop tools.

    Wix has different features that make your online store very attractive and looks your store professional. Wix is free for some basic features also. If you need advanced features, must have to purchase a paid plan for it.

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    Here are some features of Wix:

    1.  * You can upload your own fonts in the Wix editor.

    2. * Grab the attention of the audience with the cinematography.

    3. * Clean & customized URL for your website also.

    4. * Wix gives you tools to help your website meet the new GDPR requirements.

    5. * You can logo maker tools available in the Wix.

    5. StoreHippo:

    StoreHippo is cloud-based eCommerce web store solution that provides you everything that you need for online selling. It offers the most scalable technology to build mobile sites with full customization. StoreHippo is India-based SaaS platform, founded in 2014 by Rajiv Kumar.

    It is a DIY (Do It Yourself) platform that uses cutting-edge technology to build feature rich easy to manage eCommerce stores for B2B and B2C businesses.

    Now, it’s your turn. Time to listen from you.

    Which may be your favourite Cloud-based eCommerce platforms?

    Also, if there is not listed any best one, comment your suggestion below in the box.

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