• Inbound Marketing : Types of Inbound Marketing in 2018

  • types of Inbound Marketing in 2018

    Inbound Marketing : Types of Inbound Marketing in 2018

    Hi Guys.. Let's have an attention to a glorious type of Marketing. Today I'll introduce you to Inbound Marketing Strategy. It's an era when all the marketers are focusing on how they could make more and more sale. But there is a marketing strategy that tells you about solving the customer's issue and keep in touch with them rather than selling a product. It will help you in attracting the customers and retainment with a view to make them actual from a potential one. Inbound marketing is a good idea for a start-up and the businesses who are looking to grow up continuously in long-run.

    Definition of Inbound Marketing

    Complete Guide for Inbound Marketing

    Inbound Marketing is a kind of marketing strategy that aims at attracting more and more potential customers using the continuous blogging with SEO and keeping active on Social Media Platforms.

    It is totally different from traditional marketing and doesn't focus on making sales or sales maximization. Inbound marketing always uses a long-term strategy for making its potential customers into actual customers.

    Why you should opt Inbound Marketing

    "Because one day you are in fashion and next day you will out".

    Here I'll show you some points of view of a digital marketing agency and some experts opinions. It is what they are saying about inbound marketing strategy.

    1. Customers will never make up his mind to make an instant purchase. Hence, they will not pay attention to any advertisement that will say him to instantly.

    2. 45% of promotional mail never gets opened. Receiver instantly trashes them.

    3. 85% of peoples skip the mail after opening them.

    4. In today era, Buyers are more empowered before and they can easily get information about your products and services. They will go to the web instead of coming to you.

    5. There is an intention lies among buyers that they don't search too many alternatives for buying products. If you will be in keeping in touch with them, they will come to you to buy first.

    6. Inbound Marketing is any marketing tactic that relies on earning peoples interest. This will help you in product positioning and brand awareness.

    Types of Inbound Marketing

    There are mainly 6 types of inbound marketing or you can say that in 6 ways you can target them to make them your brand's closer.

    1. Grab the new leads

    This strategy begins with content marketing that increases the number of visitors to your eCommerce store. This will help you in uncover the new leads that can be your actual customer in the future. According to recent data from Hubspot, there are 92% companies that use their own software to increase the store visits. 40% of them noticed a significant increase in visitors and 93% said that there is an increase in the number of leads. While around 65% noticed that increasing in lead take around 4 months.

    To grab the new leads you need to follow the social media marketing strategy. Here you can read the social media marketing strategy to follow the complete guide.

    2. Get in touch with other businesses indirectly

    There is another kind that mostly to is used for. By following the content and social media marketing strategy, you have to attract the other businesses towards your store. It will let them feel that there is a strong brand in the market to compete with them.

    It will let them focus on you.

    Whether it will not worthy of you but your brand will get an attention and visitors to your eCommerce store.

    3. Give them a guide for your Introduction

    To let your visitors interested in you, you should provide information about yourself with a good medium. There an eBook could be a good medium between you and your personas. You should provide them all the relevant information to them regarding your business.

    4. Play with SEO to hack rank with Continuous Blogging

    "Write the biggest list ever listed on your Topic".

    The main thing is this.

    Inbound Marketing starts with content. You need to produce the original content and make optimize for search engines. Continuously blogging with SEO Strategy is a great idea to increase store visitors.

    "As a writer, you should not judge,

     but you should understand"

    Don't go for always the authenticity and accurate information in your blog. Sometimes you have to write on leaked information and for funs.

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    5. Be present on Social Media

    Social media has a great impact on our society and daily living habits. There could be someone that don't have a computer or laptop, but he has a social media account. Your presence on Social media and continuous activity there ensures that your between an audience whether they are related to your business or not. Even, they can grab attention for your brand while they talking about you between a crowd.

    According to a research 67% of online adults using social media to share and gather the information.

    6. Organize Live-Webinars

    Pin a point that you can solve

    Live-Webinars are not so popular but they are a good technique to engage your followers with you. It's a way to pin the point of your followers. If you can solve their problems then they will surely make benefits for you, without getting paid. Being live on a website with your followers make your business more viable.

    It's not all the ideas. There is not any end of types.

    "Use your imagination, so there is a lot of Room to ROAM".

     The process of Inbound Marketing

    Attractive Invitation to get them Close

    As an Entrepreneur, you should not wait that any visitor will come to you and see your website. You invite them by sending newsletters, writing content or sharing information with them on Social Media.

    Your information must be an attractive matter that can compel them for following you.

    Make them a Lead

    When you had attracted the visitors, you have a community that will see your activity al the times. Whenever you do any activity and react on that.

    Close to Closer

    It's the stage that "Not Ready to Buy yet but you should Nurture to make them ready.

    Delight Them

    Now Delight them with your offers and activities.

    Put your thoughts here what could be next way for Inbound Marketing.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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