• 4 Ways to Create your eCommerce Store Delightful in 2018

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    4 Ways to Create your eCommerce Store Delightful in 2018

    Your eCommerce store may seem like a boring table... Just like a LORN Restaurant. You should get products for eCommerce store.

    Your visitors are coming to your eCommerce Store but not staying much more.

    Even expected.

    This may have many reasons for availability of products there, presentations of merchandise, its navigation toughness, not easy to understand, creating confusion, etc.

    A hotel’s table will not be booked till Hotel looks delightful. Similarly, your eCommerce store will not get conversion till it looks attractive, demanding and creates shopping hunger in the minds of visitors.

    I have noticed some of the problems before you.

    So make your eCommerce Store Digitally Delighted.

    Here I’m giving you a Digital Recipe for your eCommerce Store.

    An easy platform to make your eCommerce Store

    To provide easiness to your visitors you should follow an easy way to create an e-commerce store. There are too many website builders that can help you in making a website. I’m pointing towards an easy one.

    This is WordPress.

    WordPress is considered as best website builder in the world. Around 25% of the world’s websites are using WordPress. Currently, WordPress is providing 2500+ themes for websites. Because of its Open Source feature, WordPress allows its users to run the program for any purpose, to study how the program works, to modify the user program and to distribute & redistribute the modifying program.

    Now, you have a website using Wordpress. But you don’t have an eCommerce Store. To make the website an eCommerce store, WordPress has the easiest way with a Plugin.

    It’s WooCommerce.

    Just Download, Install & Activate WooCommerce plugin.

    About WooCommerce

    WooCommerce is a WordPress Plugin that used to transform a Wordpress Website into an eCommerce Store. It has many features which are easy to use. WooCommerce is providing your payment service, delivery information, writing blog for your eCommerce store, etc.

    Themes to make your eCommerce Store beautiful and easy

    Another thing that maintains eCommerce store’s look, that matters to your customer is Theme.

    If you are using WordPress, then you have a lot of options to make your eCommerce Store beautiful.

    Here I’m giving you some theme name, that will help you in making a beautiful eCommerce Store.

    1. ShopIsle


    ShopIsle is a free theme for WooCommerce Supported eCommerce Stores. This is a flexible theme. You can use it as a one business website, a blog section or as a photo gallery. It has a simple, minimal and elegant style that fits perfect for Garments & Electronics.

    2. Azera Shop Luxury


    Azera is also a WooCommerce-WordPress theme that enables any website for look good like an easily navigated e-commerce store. It is based on bootstrap templates. It is a perfect match for making a showcase of products.

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    3. Shopper

    Shopper is a clean, and fully customizable theme that makes with the needs and request of users. It is fully responsive, translation ready, SEO friendly theme with Structured data integrates with Articles & Products Structured data.

    4. Easy Commerce


    Easy Commerce is mainly focused on letting your customer feel awesome while visiting in your website. It has an awesome viewing experience. This theme will help you in making speedy, efficient and powerful e-commerce store. You don’t have to put codes for that.

    5. VW E-commerce Shop


    VW E-commerce Shop is integrated with other social media and built on BootStrap 4 with clean code standards. You can set all kind of eCommerce stores there. It also supports Wordpress-WooCommerce combination.

    A Landing Page as a comfortable Table for your visitor
    The landing page on your store should be more attractive. 20% of the visitors to stores, leave the site immediately because they don’t have a good experience while they entered into.

    A good landing page always Clean, concise and simple that leads to like natural beauty.

    If you put beauty more and more it becomes messy and seems like clutter.

    Maybe it leaves a bad impact on visitor’s experience.

    Best Products and Suppliers to convert your visitors into customers

    The main thing you need for your store is products and a Supplier Army that can lead your eCommerce Store in every situation at any time.

    Here is Bigly.

    Bigly is a B2B platform where you can get unlimited products for your eCommerce Store. At bigly, there are a lot of suppliers, which can provide you with a variety of products like, fashion and apparels, footwear, garments, electronics, home decors and more.

    It allows you to get products without manufacturing it. Bigly’s suppliers have everything that you needs for your eCommerce store.

    Without paying all money you can get products for eCommerce store here and sell it. Whenever you will get an order for products, Bigly will deliver product to your customer’s doorstep. So you can easily focus on your key activity.

    This makes your business costs lowest and by reducing the employees on your stores and having the problem of unsold inventory. So, get products for eCommerce store here.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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