• 5 Ways to Get Orders from Facebook in 2019

  • ways to get orders from facebook in 2019

    5 Ways to Get Orders from Facebook in 2019

    No matter if you are already selling goods in facebook for some time or you are just starting your adventure with e-commerce- you will not succeed unless you can attract clients to your attractive facebook page full of some amazing products. Of course, that sounds like it is easier said than done- acquiring users for a reseller may be really tough and time-consuming. 

    To make the entire process easier and get more orders from facebook, we have listed for you 5 efficient ways that will assist you get lots of traffic without spending a huge budget. 

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    1. A Beautiful Facebook Profile: First ever thing you need to do is to ask yourself if your facebook profile is attractive and full of amazing products. The design of a good profile is very crucial, because if it’s ugly customers will simply click away. You have to be aware that a user’s purchase decision is usually made just after 3 seconds on your store- so if is the first impression that counts. If customers don’t like it they will order anything from you. 

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    2. Social Media Activity: Social media is one of the best channels that allow you free promotion. Of course, if you publish some promos and data related to your page in other social networking networks, it will surely serve some benefits to you. The key to success in social media is offering a marvellous content. You have to be interesting and outstanding, so that people want to follow you. If you somehow managed to do so, you will have a great marketing channel at almost zero financial expense. 

    3. Customer Care: One more thing that will surely help you attract many users is an marvellous customer care. Always remember that there is no better promotion than satisfied clients. Make the experience of buying or ordering from you remarkable- but only in a positive way. If you want to attract clients, you need to reply to all their comments and inquiries. And as soon as possible, cause timely responses are the key to success. 

    4. Promos: We all love promos and discounts. But usually it is not these 5$ that we save which makes us happy. It is rather a psychological mechanism that is completely responsible for these feelings. It has been confirmed that the word, “FREE” makes us feel irrational excitement, which stimulates association with positive emotion. 

    5. E-Mail Marketing: Last, but not the least, e-mail marking. It is both a cheap and effective solution to attract customers. An Epsilon, “Branding Survey” has demonstrated that 54% people have more positive attitude towards companies that send them e-mails. What is more, 71% of respondents that when shopping they always remember e-mails that a company send to them. These results confirm the value of e-mail marketing. 

    In this piece of article, we have mentioned five ways to get orders from facebook, that will help you in getting more orders in no time. Follow the different ways of  how you can get the orders from Facebook in 2019. Good Luck...

    Author: Megha Agarwal

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