• What is an Affiliate Marketing to Make Money Online

  • What is an Affiliate Marketing

    What is an Affiliate Marketing to Make Money Online

    Hey Guys, I hope you are doing well in your business. Definitely, you're making hundreds of thousands of money daily. If I say that I earn monthly 30K to 40K easily only spending 4-5 hours in a week. It's Amazing, isn’t it? But how do I earn so much money monthly in a less effort? Don’t be surprised. Yes, it is possible by doing Affiliate Marketing. And I hope you were known to this term Affiliate Marketing. This is the best way to the online platform through which you can make a lump sum of money easily. Be with me, I will explain all necessary and enough information of an Affiliate Marketing & Earn Money Online.

    First, you may know that there are two ways through which you can make money online using eCommerce.

    These are:

    1. 1. By Selling Your Own Products Online Or

    2. 2. Help or Promote Someone's Product to sell and You will get paid for it.

    First is the direct method of eCommerce like Amazon, Flipkart or Myntra.

    But the second one is the Affiliate Marketing Model. It is a common way to make money online. To understand better of Affiliate Marketing, I summarise it in a simple way.

    Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest forms of Marketing. Where you can refer someone to any online product. And when that person purchases the product based on your recommendation, you will get a Commission. That’s simple, isn’t it?

    You can understand it via in a simple graphics below:

                                                  Affiliate Marketing

    Note: The cost to the Customer purchasing the product or service through an Affiliate Marketing is the SAME as Buying directly from the Product Owner.  

    Steps involving in Affiliate Marketing is as follows:

             YOU: This person is you and you have an Affiliate Marketing Account in any eCommerce Marketplace. Amazon Affiliate Marketing is the best place to start your earning. How to sign up an Affiliate Account, I will discuss below in this post. Don’t worry.

    1. CUSTOMER: You have to bring the customers to your website or blogs to the Affiliate Marketing Provider website (Amazon).

    2. Customer Buys: When a customer likes the product and makes a purchase, he receives the product in the same price as the seller offers. And YOU get some percentage of Commission for it.

    It’s so simple way to earn a huge money. Then what are you thinking now, let’s start Affiliating and Earn Bucks?

    How to Become an Affiliate Marketer:

    You must have to register yourself as an Affiliate Marketer on any Retail or eCommerce website. For example, Amazon Associates, Shopify, eBay, ShareASale etc. Here I am taking an example of Amazon to become an Affiliate Marketer on Amazon Associates.

    Step 1: Sign Up on Amazon for Affiliate Program:

    1. > Go to Amazon.in and scroll down the page. Or you can simply click HERE to redirect to that page.

    2. > Click on the Join Now For Free button on the right top corner of the page.

    3. > You can Sign in with your existing account Or can Create a New Account.

    4. > After creating a successful Amazon Associate account, the next step is to choose the products.

    Step 2: Select the items which you are going to Promote:

    1. > Search Amazon India Bestsellers on Google.

    2. > Select the first link Or click HERE to go to that page.

    3. > Now select the Product Categories in which you want to deal with.

    4. > Select the Top stared products listed there.

    Before selecting any product, you must check the reviews and comments from the previous customers. So, these Reviews and Comments will help you to create a Blog related to your selected products.

    Step 3: Create a Blog or an Article of a Particular Product:

    1. > For this, you must have a website where you can publish your articles and blogs.

    2. > Write a neat and clean article about the product.

    3. > Show the product details, features, specifications, and pros and cons.

    4. > Add 2-3 good quality images of the product.

    5. > You can get help from the Reviews and Comments section of the Amazon page.

    Don’t forget to Add a BUY NOW  button in your article. This buys now button must contain the URL of the particular product which you want to promote. The URL is the Affiliate Link.

    And publish the blog on your website.

    Step 4: Find Your Affiliate Link:

    1. > Go to the Particular product page on Amazon’s website.

    2. > On the Left side, you will get Link To This Page option. Click the box and then Go to the Product’s image.

    3. > Right click and you get Copy the Link option there. This is the Affiliate Link to your product.

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    Benefits of Affiliate Marketing:

    1. Extra Earnings: 

    This is the most beneficial of Affiliate Marketing. As you may be a Website owner, Freelancer, Housewife, Entrepreneur, College student, Blogger, the Affiliate Marketing is the best choice for your earnings. You can’t imagine how much you can earn monthly in a less effort of time. You only need to promote more and more of your selected products in different groups and platforms.

    2. Least Investment Cost: 

    Exactly you don’t need amount to start it. If you have a website already and you are a regular blogger, then you can start affiliate marketing from today.

    3. Making Money Without others Help: 

    Yes, you don’t need to take help from others. Also, you don’t need to hire an employee for your business. You can handle your business yourself only. So, the total earnings will be credited directly to your account.

    4. No Need for Maintaining a Warehouse: 

    An Affiliate Marketing is a business model in which you are a Business Owner but you don’t need to have any warehouse for the stock of products. Hence, you don’t need extra cost for maintaining an inventory of your products.

    5. Making Money 24/7: 

    Because you have a wide region of customers and readers of your blog. Hence, you can make money all the time because your customers are global.

    6. Dual income: 

    If you have a website and it contains some good blogs, then your earning may be double. How?

    Actually, your blog’s readers are your targeted customers. So when they will read your blog, they will click to buy the product. Dual earning from this way- if your blogs have Google AdSense facilitated, then you are earning from your blogs as well as from promotion of products.

    Tips for Getting More Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Website:

    1. Offer High-Value Content:

    In fact, the contents available on your website are the main carrier of the traffic. So make sure that your contents should be more focused and lucrative so that more readers get attracted to your website. Also be available to answer the questions from the customers in the comments section.

    2. A network of Social Media:

    The Social media is a great way to attract more visitors to your Affiliate website. You can do this by posting to your articles and blogs on a regular basis and make sure you share Reliable, Relevant, and helpful information on your blog. Make sure your social pages should be updated on a regular basis with fresh content. Also, spread your contents in different media channels.

    3. Use Paid Advertising:

    Paid advertising is the sure shot to get more visitors. You can run paid advertising on social networking sites. The cost will vary depending on the keywords and your daily budget. You must opt the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to advertise because these are the most popular social media sites on the internet.

    Now, what are you thinking? Let’s start your own business by using Affiliate Marketing and increase your earning from today.

    If you have any doubt in any step, feel free to drop your words below in the box.

    Author: Taslim

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