• Why you should Start with Reselling Business in 2019?

  • Why you should start with reselling business  in 2019

    Why you should Start with Reselling Business in 2019?

    Today reselling business is very common and most of the individuals have been engrossed into reselling business as it’s the best way to get trained for becoming an entrepreneur. But one thing should be kept in mind that like any other kind of business, reselling business also requires lots of patience as well as commitment. In this blog we will try to explain in details why you should start reselling business.

    Reselling business is not as easy as it sounds as today the reselling business is fully catered online which makes the business tougher as there is lots of competition and to keep oneself at its parity is not an easy job.

     If you were struggling to understand why you should Start with Reselling Business Online then the following points will be helpful.

    1. Sell variety of products:

    The biggest advantage of being a reseller is that you can sell anything and everything which your customers demand. For example if you are a cloths reseller than you can add handbags, gents garments, accessories, and other products as well. If you are adding various new products to your online shop then it will not be costing much on your shoulders.

    2. No Inventories and Stocks:

    Resellers don’t have to buy the things in bulk, they only buy the products which their customers have placed an order and even have paid for it. Reselling business does not require any investment and so there is no tension as well. You can carry on your reselling business online with as many products you want.

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    3. Expanding is much easier:

    Wholesalers or even shop retailers face a lot of problem in switching products as they have invested money and bought a lot of stock. But shifting from one to another product is easier in case of reselling the products as the resellers never buy or stock up any goods with them. So just decide and you can switch over to any products of your choice.

     4. Business can be started immediately:

    Reselling business can be started immediately as there is no requirement of any inventory. The resellers only have to start their website or form a group in any social media portal and upload the products which they want to sell. As everything can be done one few clicks , so there is no requirement to wait till the stock reaches the office etc.

    5. Less time involvement:

    Reselling business doesn’t need full time commitment nor can it be associated with updating of various factors which helps the business in its execution. As there is no tension of any shipment, making the stock ready etc, the resellers are only concerned to sell the orders and rest tension is taken by the owners of the business.

    6. Set margins yourself:

    Resellers are free to set their margins of the products which they desire to sell. Its best if the resellers quote prices with fewer margins then there is more chances of their customers for buying them, where as if the margins are set at higher rates then the customers set back from buying from the resellers.

    7. Less financial risk:

    The biggest benefit for all the resellers is that, they don’t have to invest any money neither in buying the stock nor shipping the products. There is minimal financial risk incurred by the resellers because they have to only pay to the wholesalers the amount of the ordered product by their customers.


    We hope that this article would have been beneficial for all the people who wishes to become resellers in their life. We would love to listen to your suggestions and comments regarding our article.

    Happy Selling!

    Author: Sneha Grover

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