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    How To Write Best Content for eCommerce Website?

    How much is a blog important for your eCommerce website? How may the visitors surf your site? What is the way by which you can grab new customers towards your eCommerce website? The answer to all the questions is Blog. Yes, a blog is the carrier of new visitors to your site. Just creating a website is not enough to popularize and grow it. Your eCommerce website depends on the contents available on your website. So, when the blog is so important for your site, then you must aware the basics of writing valuable and genuine content. Be sure, genuine and informative content can only attract a number of customers to your website. Therefore, I am here to bring some Tips and Tricks 

    To Write Best Content for eCommerce Website.

    As you know Writing a new blog for an eCommerce website is not a cup of tea for all. It requires a lot of market research and your own perspective for any point. Only reading two or three old blogs from different sources is not enough. There should be the reflection of your thoughts in your blog. How to Write Best Content for eCommerce Website is not beneficial whenever you don’t give your Best effort to a particular content.

    So, before starting to writing a new blog, keep in the mind the following points:

    1. 1. Your Targeted Audience

    2. 2. Unique and More Searchable Keywords

    3. 3. Images and Graphics to strengthen your Points

    4. 4. Use More Transition Words

    5. 5. More Active Voice

    6. 6. Avoid Duplicate Contents

    7. 7. Word Count is Important

    8. 8. Appeal the Audience to Put her Voice

    Let’s start one-by-one to know all the points very carefully. After that I am sure, To Write Best Content for eCommerce Website will be very easy for you. Be with me till the last:

    1.Your Targeted Audience:

    What do you do before start to writing a post? Just open the internet and start to search the topic. Am I right? If you do so, then it is a wrong practice. You must see your targeted audience First then do the Google. Google has not all the answers to your questions. For this, you must have to know the problems of your audience for whom you are writing the content. The content may be a graphic, a simple photo, an article or a blog. It doesn't matter what are you writing, but sure for whom you are writing.

    2. Unique and More Searchable Keywords:

    The second and the most important thing which comes is the Meta Keywords. As a writer, you must be aware of this word. Whenever I say that a keyword is the Root of your content, means without it, your content is not of any use. Keyword gives an overview of your content and reader be known what he wanted.

    So, when choosing a keyword for your blog or content, make sure it would be more searchable over the internet. You can use some different tools for your keyword planner. You can visit my previous post where I have explained different and most useful keyword planner tools by clicking HERE.

    3. Images and Graphics to strengthen your Points:

    Images attract more than Texts. So, whenever you are trying to create a content, use graphics and images. These graphics and images should be your own creation and imagination through which you are going to explain your points. Your points could be boost by images. If you are writing about any product, then you should add some images of the product. Keep in the mind, avoid to steal images from the internet, because some images over the internet have the copyright. Which may lead to duplicate content of your hard work.

    4. Use More Transition Words:

    If you are already a blogger or content writer, then you must know the importance of the Transition words. Yes, Transition words are the part of English Grammar. If you have a sound knowledge of Grammar, then you can use a number of Transition words.


    To Write Best Content for eCommerce Website

    Actually, Transition words are the cementing words in your content. It bridges one paragraph or any sentence to the other one. Whenever a reader reads your content or blog, these words push the reader to read next sentence or paragraph. If you are using Yoast SEO Plugin tool for your WordPress website, there are a list of some Transition words in different situations.

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    5. More Active Voice:

    Readers don’t want to listen to a third person’s voice. They want to know your opinion on any topic. So always use your own voice, that is Active Voice. Active voice is the writer's voice to the reader directly. And a reader always prefers to read an Active voice.

    In the Yoast SEO Plugin tool, you will find an improvement if your content contains more than 10% of the passive voice. Make sure, your content hasn’t more than 10% of the Passive voice of the total words used in your content.

    6. Avoid Duplicate Contents:

    Oh Ya! It is the most important for your content. Google traces a duplicate content within a minute. Google hides a content over the internet if it has duplicate content. So, never use copy and paste trick for your content, otherwise, you will lose your visitors automatically. Also, Google restricts a content to be ranked on the internet if it has more duplicate contents.

    Make sure the content of your eCommerce website be genuine and your own. If your website has genuine contents, then it will attract more new visitors definitely.

    7. Word Count is Important:

    More is always enough. A content having more words, Google gives the priority to it. Google gets familiar and trusted to those blogs which have more words count. WordPress accepts at least 300 words count of a blog. But it's never mean that you write a blog of only 300 words. My many blogs have been ranked no.1 in Google search result whose have more words count as much as 1500+ words.

    So make sure to write any content whose has more volume words count. It will help to appear your content in the Google’s first result page.

    8. Appeal the Audience to Put her Voice:

    Last but not the least, say your readers to speak something that they think about your content. Appeal your audience to give her suggestions, or any request if they have any. As a result, you will get the feedback from your readers, and it will help you to create your next content. Also, give the reply of each and every genuine comment in your content. Say the audience to subscribe and like your content if they have liked it.

    Hence, I am sure How To Write Best Content for eCommerce Website will not be a big deal for you.

    Now, do you have any Tips & Tricks which has not included in this post?

    Put your valuable words in the box below.

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