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How Bigly Works?


Single Click Catalog Import

You can import thousands of Products at your own Online Store without any hassle. You just need to Select Products and click on Import.

Catalog Customization

You can change or edit Product’s Title, Description and Price as per your Marketing Strategy. The retailer reserves the sole authority to decide Product Details to show it before Customers.

Minimum Maximum

Pricing Freedom

Bigly will not bound you to sell any product at a specific price. At Bigly, Retailers has sole right to decide a price for your products within the minimum and maximum range.

Wholesale Price

Bigly is providing you products at wholesale price in an Inventory-Less model. You can offer products to customers at best retail price.

Automated Order Fulfillment

When you receive an order, you just need to approve that order and Suppliers will handle the packaging and delivery of the product to your customer’s doorstep.

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Now you don’t need to invest money in Product Inventory and Infrastructure. Bigly offers you an inventory less commerce ecosystem.

Why Bigly?

We are India’s First Automated Inventory less Ecommerce Enabler platform with complete inventory less ecosystem.

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  • White Label Branding

    Bigly will deliver the order to Customer in the name of Retailer. It will help in White Label Branding of your Online Business.

  • Providing Tracking ID to Customer

    In the meanwhile of Shipment, Bigly provides you a Tracking ID. It will facilitate you and your customer in tracking the order location.

  • Reach to Niche

    Bigly has products from across the nation. We have various suppliers dealing in various niche products.

  • High Profit Margin

    Bigly Suppliers offer products at wholesale price and provides a sole right to retailers for deciding price within a minimum and maximum range. So, you can earn high-profit margin on each product.